Zxw Tool For Mac

Update November 27, 2020: Another minor version update to today.

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Zxw Tools For Mac

You can use ZXW online account to view the iPhone/iPad/mobiles schematic diagram and bitmap without USB Dongle. Here is the user manual. The ZXW online account not only provides you with convenient, fast and secure service, but also saves you time and shipping costs. For this online account, now there are 3 types (Valid time), they were 30 days. Zxw Tools Download For Mac tools definition, tools meaning, tools synonym, tools, tools names, tools list, tools to grow, tools near me, tools of the trade, tools of the mind, tools online, tools of titans, toolset, tools4noobs, tools4u, tools icon DOWNLOAD Flash and repair your dead phones Access your mobile all parts like a mic, ac, dc, plus.

Zxw Tool For Macbook

Update November 26, 2020: Looks like there was a minor version update ( today.

Zxw Tool Download For Mac

Update November 25, 2020: I’m not sure if this is a new version or not, but there was an update to the ZXW download links today. Google is still tagging these files as malicious.

Update November 9, 2020: New version released, but ZXW didn’t update the version number. Download at your own risk because google is flagging the file as malicious. Also, Windows will flag it as a trojan.

Update October 27, 2020: ZXW 3.3 was released today.

Zxw Tool For Mac

Download ZXW Tools here:

  • ZXW Tools v3.3.0.7 (Downloads: 6,776) (November 27, 2020 – latest version)
  • ZXW Tools v3.3.0.6 (Downloads: 9,799)
  • ZXW Tools v3.22 + Microfish v3.2 (Downloads: 18,708) (January 14, 2020)
  • ZXW Tools v3.22 + Microfish v3.1 (Downloads: 2,096)
  • ZXW Tools v3.1 + Microfish v3.0 (Downloads: 6,187)
  • ZXW Tools v3.0 + Microfish v3.0 (Downloads: 15,859)
  • ZXW Tools v2.6 + Blackfish v2.0 (Downloads: 55,361)
  • ZXW Tools v2.5 + Blackfish v1.6 (Downloads: 9,657)
  • ZXW Tools v2.4 + Blackfish v1.5 (Downloads: 36,088)
  • ZXW Tools v2.3 + Blackfish v1.4 (Downloads: 9,149)
  • ZXW Tools v2.1 + Blackfish v1.4 (Downloads: 4,521)