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Yandere Simulator Free Download

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Yandere Simulator has a launcher that will allow you to easily download the latest version of the demo! Click below to download the launcher: Download Launcher. If the launcher is not working for some reason, you can download the game using the following link. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Yandere Simulator has such an abundance of gameplay mechanics that it took 6 years to finish implementing all of the mechanics necessary to make it possible to play through the story. However, implementing a rival takes mere months, so the rest of the game's development should go by much faster.

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If the total number of students in a club drops below 5, the club closes. (If Yandere-chan is in a club, she counts towards the club's population.)

Normal clubs only have 5 members. However, any club containing a rival will have a total population of 6 members, so that the player can kill the rival without losing the club.

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When a rival is not at school, one of the members of her club will act as a 'substitute leader' who performs all of the functions that the rival would normally perform if she was at school. If a rival dies, her substitute will take over the club and become its new leader.

Yandere Simulator Free Download

If a club's substitute dies while a rival is absent from school, the club will shut down, but will re-open when the rival returns to school (as long as the club's 4 other members are still present at school).

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A club that does not contain a rival does not use the 'substitute leader' system. In other words, the death of the club leader will always result in the club shutting down, even if the club still has 5 living members in it (due to Yandere-chan joining the club).