Worms Forts 3d Game Download For Android

As someone who loves this series when Worms 3D was announced I did have rather mixed feelings. This is a game that was deeply rooted in 2D so I was unsure of how it would translate to the 3rd dimension. Thankfully, it worked out pretty well and while it may be a bit “different” I do feel that they managed to capture the spirit of what the series was known for. Also, this game was mass released with it appearing on PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube!

Hey Ma, I Am 3D!

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Let’s get the graphics out of the way first. Worms is a series that despite its modest presentation managed to have a massive personality. Thankfully Worms 3D brings back this personality, but thanks to the new visuals improves upon it. The Worms themselves look fantastic. Their facial expressions and of course the funny stuff they say gives them a ton of personality.

The levels are randomly generated so you never get the same one twice. The backgrounds are a bit sparse, but to be fair everything is colorful and fits in with the new 3D Worms characters that they have created. The sound is a bit of a mixed bag, the main song gets annoying very quickly and there appears to be a lot more repeating of lines here.

2D Gameplay In A 3D World

Worms Forts 3d Game Download For Android

Despite the jump to 3D, Worms 3D very much plays like a traditional Worms game. You still have your army of Worms that you need to use in order to defeat the other teams. You have various weapons and abilities that you can use and moving your Worms around the map can be key to getting a better position. The Worms are a tad stiff to move around, but you do get used to it quicker than you would think.While I like most of the aspects of moving the game to 3D, the camera can be an issue. There are times where you are hidden behind a bit of the world or you cannot get a good view on what is happening as something else is in the way. This is an issue many 3D platform games have, but it can be frustrating here and sometimes even feel unfair.

So Much To Do

Worms 3D is pretty stacked with game modes. While there is not a “story” you do have a single-player campaign to complete which is fun. There are over 30 missions for you to complete and there is a nice mixture of missions that are all about having fun and carnage and missions that require you to do some deep thinking in order to beat them. As you would expect, multiplayer is an absolute blast and you have a very decent selection of game modes to enjoy when you are playing with your friends.

I know that some games struggled when they made the jump from 2D to 3D. However, despite a couple of flaws, I feel that Worms 3D did a great job in nailing the transition to the 3rd dimension. It very much feels like a classic Worms game, but now you can move around with much more freedom. The single-player mode is a lot of fun and the multiplayer is even more fun than that!

Final Score


Worms 3d Pc

  • I love the way the Worms look in 3D
  • The game is very amusing
  • The campaign has a lot of variety to the missions
  • Playing with your friends is a blast
  • The levels are randomly generated


  • Sometimes Worms get hidden behind stuff
  • The soundtrack is rather annoying

Worms Forts 3d Game Download For Android Emulator

Overall rating: 8