Where Is Library Quicktime Folder On Mac

Method 1. Recover Unsaved Quicktime Recordings on Mac
Method 2. Recover Deleted QuickTime Recordings
Tip: Where are the QuickTime Recordings in Mac

As mentioned earlier, your best option is to use Elmedia Player to run your AVI files on Mac. Download the Elmedia Player app from this website. Run the player on your Mac. It’s very easy to play the videos right away. Simply choose one of the convenient ways to add AVI files to the Elmedia Player library. If you prefer to locate the Unsaved QuickTime file from your Macintosh HD folder in Finder, don’t forget to press Command+Shift+Dot to show you hidden Library folder so that you can find folders like Containers, com.apple.QuickTimePlayerX, Data, Library, Autosave Information step by step. QuickTime lets you record your screen activities and saves them in the QuickTime folder. However, that's not as straightforward as it looks. Whenever your QuickTime app crashes and shut down improperly, you may fail to save the ongoing recording and lose the unsaved QuickTime recordings. If the volume doesn’t contain a Mac system, you should be able to place the library files just about anywhere. Manage the Media Library The new macOS Catalina media apps will upgrade your old iTunes library to the new format that each individual app (Music, Apple TV, and Podcasts) needs.

Where Is Library Quicktime Folder On Mac

'Took a screen recording with Quicktime on Mac but didn't save it before stopping to record. Is there any way to recover unsaved Quicktime recordings?'

A user from Apple Support Communities is asking for help for a solution to recover his QuickTime recordings. In this article, we will introduce two methods about how to recover deleted QuickTime videos for you.

Method 1. Recover Unsaved Quicktime Recordings on Mac

Your hard work on recording and capturing screen on Mac might get lost midway while it is continuing with the Quicktime app. For example, a sudden power off, Quicktime crash, Quicktime window shut down unexpectedly. All these incidents will cause Quicktime recordings unfinished and unsaved. How to get back your work though it is not properly preserved? Follow the steps below to recover unsaved QuickTime videos.

Step 1. Go to /Users/[user name]/Library/Containers/com.apple.QuickTimePlayerX/Data/Library/Autosave Information.

Step 2. Click in and find a bundle named Unsaved QuickTime Player Document.qtpxcomposition. Right-click on the .qtpxcomposition file, and there you can see the .m4a audio recording.

This way only works for recovering unsaved QuickTime videos. If you have deleted the QuickTime recordings, you can switch to Method 2 to have a try.

Method 2. Recover Deleted QuickTime Recordings

When you deleted the QuickTime Recordings, don't panic. Check your Trash bin first. All content deleted from the Mac will remain in the Trash bin for 30 days or until you empty the Trash. Find the wanted video in the Trash bin and click 'Restore' to get it back.

While if you want to recover deleted QuickTime recordings after emptying the Trash bin, you might need help from some third-party software. Here we recommend EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac. Let's check what it can do.

  • Supports to recover deleted or lost files from the emptied Trash Bin, accidental deletion, or other causes.
  • Combine quick and deep scan into a straightforward process to help load files faster.
  • Enables users to preview all recoverable files and data.
  • Provide both Simple and Absolute protection to safeguard essential files.
Where is library folder on mac

Where Is Library Quicktime Folder On Mac Os

Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac, and follow the 3-step guide to recover deleted Quicktime videos:

Step 1. Select the location where your important data & files were deleted and click the 'Scan' button.

Where Is Library Folder On Mac

Step 2. The software will run both quick scan and deep scan and work hard to find as many deleted files as possible on the selected volume.

Where Is Library Located On Mac

Step 3. The scan results will be displayed in the left pane. Just select the file(s) and click the 'Recover Now' button to get them back.

Where Is Library Quicktime Folder On Macbook Pro

Tip: Where are the QuickTime Recordings in Mac

Going to the Application folder on your Mac's dock. If you have made a video recording before, open the QuickTime app, choose File to check the recording. If you do not have a screen recording before, you can also choose File > New Screen Recording from the menu bar to make a new one. Please note that the Scratch Disk is the default location where the files you create with QuickTime X are stored on Hamilton lab computers. The default for personal computers is the Movies folder.

The Bottom Line

Where Is Library Quicktime Folder On Mac Catalina

That's all about how to recover deleted QuickTime videos. Besides recovering lost and deleted files on Mac, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac can also help users recover unsaved Word files on Mac, reset Mac to factory setting without data loss, and recover files from the formatted USB drives. Have a try on this tool to better protect your Mac content.