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Firmware: Update the device to the latest firmware (if available) from Download tab)
Drivers: Install the latest ASIO drivers (for Windows only) from (Download tab)
Setup: Set the front switcher to 8out position. Connect your amplified speakers or your amplifier to the Master (RCA or XLR) outputs at the rear side and power on the unit from the back switcher. Connect your Headphones at the front side and make sure all MIDILOGS switchers at the front are on USB position.

The unit is now ready to operate.

Please refer also refer to the manual of the unit for further connections/capabilities and setups.
For further VirtualDJ settings and features please refer to the User Guide of VirtualDJ 8.
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Virtual Dj Le American Audio Vms4 Downloader

For all your complains regarding American Audio VMS 4.1 unit, please visit the American Audio website. PS: For a last time: As it has been said already, VMS 4.1 does NOT have any firmware updates. If you try to upload a firmware file that's not designed for your device (e.g. If you try to upload the VMS 4 firmware) there's a good chance to. There is no end only new stories. After eleven years of adventure we decided to dream bigger. Therefore Radionomy ceases to exist but we rise again through Shoutcast.