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Select the duct material from the drop-down list (most duct sizing tools are typically based on galvanised steel ducting by default) Enter the air flowrate in litres/second (can change to cubic metres/second by use of drop-down to the right of the input). An app as easy to use as the Trane® Ductulator™ with all the same functionality plus offset calculations. Simple Duct Calculator Deluxe does all basic calculations with simplicity in mind from the. Jul 14, Duct Sizer (Ductulator) for HVAC air ducts. Have you ever used the original 'Trane Ductulator'. Well you will know how easy this fantastic design tool is to use. We have used these original cardboard calculators for over 20 years and now we have written an equally easy to use HVAC sheet metal duct sizing program for the iPhone.

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  • Thermaflex® Duct Sizing at Your Fingertips Thermaflex is literally at your fingertips with this convenient and easy-to-use application for iPhone and Android. This app allows HVAC installers to determine the smallest size Thermaflex duct recommended for the installation at hand, based on the project’s specific volume and friction loss.
  • Trane software range features a variety of free tools that make your design and analysis tasks easier. These calculators include software to calculate your potential LEED compliance. LEED v4 EA Enhanced Refrigerant Management Credit calculator LEED v3 (2009) EA Credit 4 calculator.

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Design Master HVAC is an integrated HVAC building design and drafting program that runs on top of AutoCAD.

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Designed to work like those conventional cardboard duct calculators that HVAC engineers are so familiar with ...

Trane Ductulator Free


The Elite Software HVAC Tools program allows the quick calculation of 13 common HVAC design tasks.

Trane Ductulator Application

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Duct Calculator is a powerful tool that provides access to duct calculation and sizing capabilities either ...

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Trane Ductulator App Builder

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DuctNet is a program designed for measuring ducting. There are options to use the equal friction method, the velocity method and the static regain method.

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