Toyota Techstream Download Windows 7

Free Download and install Toyota Techstream 12.20.024 on Windows 7 Posted on September 18, 2017 by sales Toyota TIS Techstream V12.20.024 new software has been tested without issues on Windows 7 operation system and verified working like a charm. Toyota Techstream v13.00.022 + cracked file with serial number for activation. Techstream v13.00.022.rar. No work with me 32 bit windows 7 when i try. Free Download and Install Toyota Techstream V14.10.028 for Mini VCI on Windows 7 Official Blog Latest version V14.10.020 Toyota TIS Techstream has been tested and verified working on issue by engineer.

This is the step-by-step instruction on how to install Toyota TIS Techstream 10.30.029 on WINDOWS XP operating system.

* Download
Toyota Techsream 10.30.029

* Operating system
Windows XP
xp mode or VMware on Win 7

Step-by-step instruction:

Step 1- install Toyota Teachstream

Open “Toyota Techstream 10.30.029.exe

Select a steup language to go on

Click Next

Accept the agreement to go on

Toyota techstream download windows 7 full

Customer information: click Next

Click Install to begin installation of Techstream 10.30.029

Finish installing Techstream

Step 2- install MVCI driver for TIS

Open “MVCI Driver for Toyota

Click Next

Click Install to begin installation of the MVCI driver for TIS

Finish installing MVCI driver for TIS

Step 3- paste and replace Main Menu

Copy “MainMenu” application

Open Techstream Properties

Click Find Target

Paste “MainMenu” application in C:/program files/toyota diagnostics/techstream/bin, confirm file replace

Close bin folder and Techstream Properties

Connect the device (new mini vci,mini vci (for 22pin), xhorse mvci, mangoose TIS, vxdiag vcx nano for toyota) to the vehicle and then install the driver

Open “Techstream” on Desktop

Click No

Select Setup->Techstream configuration

Select an area (here: Europe), click Next

Select a language (here: English), click Next

Techstream configuration, click OK

open Desktop folder “Toyota Techstream”->notepad serie

Copy the key

Click Connect to vehicle in Techstream interface

Toyota Techstream Download In Windows 7

Paste as the New Key when register Techstream software, click OK

Toyota Techstream Download Windows 7 64

Finish Option (here: VIOS, China & 1205-), click Next

Select Engine and ETC to continue

Trouble codes display

Select Data list on the left menu


(Lost communication with vehicle: click Retry)

Click Close->Main Menu->Log out (Techstream)

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Steps to crack Techstream software v14.20.019:

(it should be done after techstream software and driver installation)

1.Open Readme file in the folder “Techstream _GTS_14.20.019”

2.Paste Techstream.exe”/395070/VM:1

3.Right click on Techstream on Desktop and go to Properties
4. Replace Target “C:/Program Files/Toyota Diagnostics/Techstream/bin/MainMenu.exe” with “C:/Program Files/Toyota Diagnostics/Techstream/bin/Techstream.exe”/395070/VM:1

Toyota Techstream Download Windows 7


(then gonna to install device driver and then ready for use)

Toyota Techstream Download Windows 10

Techstream Download: version 14.20.019

Toyota Techstream Download Windows 7 Full

Techstream Install: Windows 7 32 bit

Toyota Techstream Download Windows 7 64-bit

Link to Techstream 14.20.019 cable:

Toyota Techstream Download Windows 7 Free

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