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Security and reliability are constant concerns in a rapidly changing and fast-paced world. No matter what type of monitoring you may need to do; you will need to know that you can count on those close to you and that you can keep your children safe from online threats.

One of the best ways to do this is to invest in a reliable monitoring program that you can set on your target phone. With a program like this, you will enjoy many features and be well abreast of activities taking place on the target phone. One of such programs that you can purchase through an easy to use app on your phone is TheTruthSpy.

Thetruthspy Review

TheTruthSpy is the best android spying app in the market. You can use this app for.

Most people have heard of The Truth Spy App, but are yet to give it a try. This phone spy software is making a splash in the mobile and spyware industry for smart devices. The application serves two functions: Firstly, it deals with cyber-security, but the most important function deals with its ability to monitor personal mobile devices and company phones.

About TheTruthSpy

The Truth Spy monitor app is designed to work remotely and behind the scenes on any Android cell phone. Any review will take into account the numerous the features that can allow you to have total control of what goes on in that phone, and most of TheTruthSpy reviews for the program have been very positive. All of the features are designed to work in the background, silently ensuring that the monitored user will never know that they are being monitored. No matter what your specific needs, you will find that the features included with the program will help you meet them.

Track & Monitor Calls/Locate A Phone Through GPS

To begin, you will always be aware of the target phone's GPS location, thanks to a GPS phone tracking function. With this feature, you will always know where the phone is by looking at the map or through a GPS location that you can find on the user control panel. You will be able to manage all calls in innovative and discreet ways. Through the features provided by the truth spy app software, you can view the history of every call, including the contact name, the duration, the time when the call occurred and so much more. With these features, you can even delete contacts or keep them specifically named for your purposes. A phone call recording feature will allow you to record both outgoing and incoming calls, silently and efficiently. Those recordings will be sent to a website where you can log in and download the audio files to listen to later.

Spy on Websites Visited

Because most modern phones come with internet browsing capabilities, another function of The Truth spy app is to look through all websites visited on the target phone. You will be able to view a concise history and block out websites that you do not want the target to visit.

Spy on Social Media Messages (WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, etc) And SMS

You can look through standard SMS messages as they appear on the phone and also keep up with a variety of other instant messaging programs. You will be able to track a variety of social networking apps, including Whatsapp, Facebook, and even Skype.

Spy on Videos and Pictures (Remotely)

Thetruthspy apk download for android tv

Numerous remote control functions through an online control panel will allow you to target the devices and perform specific actions. With the truth spy app download, you will even be able to track a variety of media files on the phone, including pictures and videos that are sent between different members of the conversation.

For Parents

With how accessible so many negative things are on the internet, raising a child in modern times can be difficult. Parents of teens, in particular, may struggle to make sure that their children are safe and doing their best in school without unnecessary distractions. The Truth Spy can be a very good way for you to keep up to date with what your child is doing, and ensure that you can help keep them away from dangerous parts of the internet. By monitoring their phones with this technology, you will be able to immediately know if there is anything that you need to be concerned about.

For Employers

If you are a business owner, you will need to be able to rely on your employees to perform the job that you give them. TheTruthSpy monitor can be an excellent way to help enforce company phone usage policies by monitoring your employees' activities. You will want to make sure that you are not paying for your company phones for them to be used for off work activities. With many of the GPS features and tracking capabilities that the software provides, it can be very easy to make sure that your employees are using their phones responsibly, and not wasting company minutes on frivolous things.

For Other Users

If you want to purchase or download TheTruthSpy full version Application to keep better track of your phone, it can be just as easy to do so. Many of the features that come with this software are designed to provide you with an easy way to stay in contact with your phone. If you ever lose your phone, or find that it has been stolen, getting it back can be as easy as visiting your user page and finding everything that you need to know.

The Truth Spy Android Installation

  1. On the target phone, go to settings> security> tick unknown sources.
  2. Download the app to the target device (this is done by typing the link into the browser of the target phone) and The Truth Spy App download should start.
  3. After the download has been completed, open the notification window (by sliding from top to bottom with your finger). Install it from here.
  4. Click on ‘register‘ to register a new account or click on ‘login‘ if you have already registered. The device will now be joined to your account.

NOTE: During the installation, tap ‘next‘ when prompted for permissions while installation will begin automatically.

  • Tap ‘access‘ if the device is rooted in order to be able to monitor yahoo messenger, tango, Skype, Viber, etc.
  • You do not need to root the phone to monitor WhatsApp. However, on an unrooted device, it may take between 1 to 3 days to read new WhatsApp messages. Whereas, on a rooted device, it takes just 15 minutes to read new messages.
  • Restart the phone or device if it does not work immediately.
  • Go to ‘downloads' to clear all browsing history. Clear the following downloaded file there (TheTruthSpy.APK) to remove all traces.

How to Install The Truth Spy App on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Thetruthspy Apk Download For Android

In order to be able to install it on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, the phone must first be jailbroken. If you see ‘Cydia' icon, the phone has already been jailbroken, but if you do not see the ‘Cydia' icon, it means that the phone has not been jailbroken, and you will need to jailbreak.

You can click on this link to know how to jailbreak. Just choose your device and the jailbreak wizard will help you through the process.

After jailbreaking the device:

  1. Tap on ‘Cydia' icon to launch it.
  2. While in ‘Cydia', click on: manage > source > edit > add and enter: and click on ‘add source‘.
  3. Updating and verification process will begin. The download will be completed if this process completes successfully.
  4. Click on ‘return to Cydia‘.
  5. You will be taken back to ‘sources‘ where you can select the app's package.
  6. Click on ‘install‘ button and click on ‘complete‘.

You can track up to 3 devices with one account. Hence, all you need to do will be to repeat the process for the other devices.