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This is the second article in the series of three articles: SAP GUI is the front-end software which enables you to interact with the SAP System and allows you to connect and log on to SAP ERP System (third article of the series). If you have the credentials (Server address, User information, etc.), you can connect to the remote SAP system. If you don’t have one, you can check the first article in the series: Free SAP Server Access. You can follow the steps below to download SAP GUI software and install it on your system…

  1. Prerequisite NOTE: Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed in your Mac There are two options for installing the JRE: o From Oracle Java Website: -1880261.html For Mac OS 10.8 or higher, use Oracle Java JDK -2133151.html o Or, you may run Apple Update on MAC OS to install the Java Runtime Installation To install SAP GUI for in MAC OS X you will require going through 2 important sections.
  2. Installation Guide: SAP GUI 7.50 Java for Mac OS Notes: - This document has been updated and on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.2 release. New software versions are released continuously so the version numbers may not match those found in this document. Install Java SE 1) Go to the following URL: Press the red Java Download button.
Sap gui 750 free download

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This article guides you how to download SAP GUI and install on your PC or Laptop. I assume that you already have remote access to an SAP system and you need SAP GUI to connect and log-on to it. If that is not the case, you can get it from Consolut. Read the article Free SAP server access for full information. As explained there, once you request for an SAP user-id, you get mail from Consolut with your log-on details. The mail also has the following link with SAP server details for connecting via SAP GUI: MiniSAP via SAP GUI.

You can go ahead and Download SAP GUI following the links provided in the post. The installation procedure can be a little confusing, so I will demonstrate the installation steps for your convenience.

Using one of the download links for SAP GUI 7.20, I download the executable file gui720_c3.exe to my machine (I have Windows 7 operating system):

and execute it when download is complete. I get the self-extracted folder:

Sap Gui Download Windows 10

I open this folder and follow the path to reach saplpd folder (stands for SAP launchpad) as below:

and, then I open saplpd folder to reach the executable file saplpd.exe :

I execute it and it asks for a folder to self-extract. I provide a folder name sapgui_saplpd_extract (you can provide any suitable name of your choice) and it extracts to it:

Then I go to the extracted folder and follow the path as below to reach the application file SapGuiSetup:

This is the installation file I need. I execute and the steps for installation start with dialog box:

In the next screen, I select the first option – SAP GUI for Windows 7.20 – as this is the front-end application we want to install:

Just follow through the next few screens:


Finally the installation completes:

And I can see the SAP Logon icon on my desktop. I double-click the icon to get the following screen:

Next Steps

So these are the steps involved in order to download SAP GUI software (version 7.20) and install on your local machine. Now you need to configure your connection here in SAP GUI so that you are ready to connect to your remote SAP server you have access to ! Follow this article: if you are connecting to the free Consolut SAP ERP system as discussed in my article on Free SAP Server Access.