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If your Android device is running Android 5.1 and above, it has a security feature known as the Factory Reset Protection (FRP). If you try to reset your device, you will have to use the Google account and password on the device to complete the reset process. The primary goal of the FRP was to make sure that only Android device owners have the ability to factory reset their Android device.

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ADB Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is really an additional layer of security that ensures your telephones information if there should arise an occurrence of theft. FRP was first presented in the lollipop rendition of Android and very easy to get it. In the event that you have initiated FRP on your telephone and somebody attempts GSM ADB FRP Tool Latest (Updated) 2020 Read More ». Google has Added a new feature with the released of Android 5.0 (Lolipop), maybe you might hear about FRP (Factory Reset Protection) feature on Android all new devices. This is the new feature Google has introduced to all Android users to protect their personal data with FRP security's, if you found a lost phone or you buy a used phone also maybe some problem if you are factory reset your.

However, what if you happen to forget the password for your Google Account? What if you purchase a secondhand device that is yet to be factory reset? Does it mean that you won’t be able to remove the device from the previous account and use it fully? Luckily for you, you can use an FRP bypass tool to bypass the FRP lock. In this article, we will show you the FRP bypass tools you can use.

  • 1. iMyFone LockWiper (Android)
  • 2. Samsung Reactivation/FRP Lock Removal Service
  • 3. Pangu FRP Bypass APK
  • 4. D & G Password Unlocker
  • 5. UnlockJunky

1 Best FRP Bypass Tool in 2019 – iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

iMyFone Lockwiper (Android) has the ability to bypass the FRP lock easily without any hassle. No special skills are required when using LockWiper to unlock Google FRP. Every step you will need to follow will be available on LockWiper’s screen. The tool is incredibly quick in bypassing the FRP lock. Within a couple of minutes, you should have access to all the features on your Android device.

Key features offered by iMyFone LockWiper (Android) to bypass FRP lock:

  • LockWiper allows you to bypass the FRP without the device’s Google Account and password.
  • After the bypass, you can sync the Android device with a new Google Account.
  • A bypass done using LockWiper will give you access to all the Android device features.
  • LockWiper will remove your device from the previous account which ensures that the device doesn’t get blocked or tracked using the previous user.
  • It also unlocks Android screen locks quickly, containing passwords, patterns, fingerprint lock and face lock.

How to Easily Bypass FRP Using LockWiper?

Step 1:Download and launch iMyFone LockWiper (Android), select “Remove Google Lock (FRP)” from two options on the home interface.

Step 2: Tap “Start” and then connect your device to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 3: Next, confirm the device information.

Step 4: Then follow the steps on your screen to download and extract the data package for your device.

Step 5: It will start to unlock the FRP lock once the package is downloaded.

Step 6: Then LockWiper will complete FRP bypass process, giving you access to the Android device full features.

Video Guide of Bypassing FRP via LockWiper(Android)

2 Samsung Reactivation/FRP Lock Removal Service

This is an online tool which requires you to submit your device model and IMEI number. After making a payment, the online service will take a couple of days to bypass the FRP lock. If the unlock succeeds, you will receive a unique ID and password that allows you to bypass the FRP.


  • You get to bypass the FRP without a computer or an OTG.
  • The online service is easy to use.
  • You will receive a Google ID and password that should work for your device.
  • Cons

  • You will have to pay beforehand and maybe extra fees further.
  • You have to wait for a couple of days to weeks for the bypass to complete.
  • After-sale service is not accessible sometimes.
  • 3 Pangu FRP Bypass APK

    Just like the name of the tool suggests, this is an APK file that has to be installed on the device that has the FRP lock. Since you won’t have the ability to download the APK directly on the locked device, you will have to download the APK to your PC, and then use a combination of a flash drive and an OTG cable to transfer and install the tool on your Android device.


  • You can use it with a wide range of Android device models.
  • Different versions are available for most of the Android versions featuring the FRP.
  • Cons

  • The tool has a lot of requirements. The pre-requisites include an OTG cable, a flash drive, a computer, and an internet connection.
  • If your device has the latest Android version, there is no guarantee the tool can work for you.
  • The bypassing process is complicated and tech required.
  • 4 D & G Password Unlocker

    Unlike Pangu APK, this tool will require you to install it on your computer and then connect the device featuring the Google FRP unlock to your computer using a USB cable. Now, you will have to follow the onscreen instructions when using this FRP Bypass tool.


  • The tool supports a wide range of Android versions.
  • You won’t need to use an OTG cable.
  • Cons

  • The tool is too complicated to use.
  • It may not work with all Android device models.
  • 5 UnlockJunky

    This is an online service which specializes on the FRP bypass. The service website is easy to use. To bypass the FRP using UnlockJunky, you will simply need to select the device model and the type of lock. Next, you will have to make your payment and wait for the UnlockJunky team to unlock your device.


  • The website is easy to use.
  • According to reviews available online, the unlock service is generally quick.
  • Cons

  • There is no guarantee the unlock can work for your device.
  • You will have to pay upfront.
  • To Conclude:

    We have introduced 5 FRP bypass tools in this post. You can choose the one that suits you best. Compared with other methods to unlock Google FRP, iMyFone LockWiper (Android) is the most effective and reliable tool. There is no limitations or requirements to use it and it provides you a free trial before you decide to pay. Download it now and see whether it works for your device!

    Afterward, follow these steps to do FRP Samsung bypass. To start with, download the FRP Bypass APK from right here on your system. Once the APK file has been downloaded, copy it to any USB drive. By taking the assistance of an OTG cable, you can connect the USB to your Android device. – Special Samsung FRP Android BypassApk (Download From below) – Micro USB Cable – Some Patience. Instructions: First remove battery of the phone. Open Samsung FRP Tool software. Click Unlock tab. Select frp reset in operation tab. Click format Frp/reset setting. Hold down the lower volume and the Power Button. Then release the Power Button.

    Download now

    [ Direct download link (Windows) ]
    A New Tool For Bypass Google Account FRP Remove On Samsung

    Samsung Frp Tool Download For Mac Download

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    Other Notes

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    Our phones can get lost or stolen, and we don’t have any way to prevent it. But what we can do is wish for some means to keep our data safe or make the phone unusable in such cases. Google seems to have listened to our prayers and provided a new way to keep our phones safe using Factory Reset Protection (FRP).

    Though FRP is a useful feature, it can sometimes pose difficulties for people who need to use the phone by bypassing Google account verification. People who buy refurbished or pre-owned mobiles from third-party sellers can also encounter the same problem which leaves the phone unusable.

    Today we are going to present the 12 best FRP bypass tools to avoid the Google verification and use your phone. But first, let’s find out a bit more about FRP.

    What is Factory Reset Protection (FRP)?

    Let’s consider that your phone has been stolen or lost. Now the person who finds your phone will not be able to use it as you have already secured it with a numerical PIN or pattern. Right?

    But Android versions lower than 5.1 Lollipop could easily bypass the lock with a simple factory reset. To fix the issue, Google has introduced the FRP or Google Verification.

    Now someone can’t just factory reset your phone that easily- they will have to sign in using the Google email of the owner, or the one that was used to set up the phone. Even if the person does a factory reset, the phone will be totally useless unless he knows the Google credentials of the previous owner.

    12 Best FRP Bypass Tools You Can Try Out

    If you ever face such a challenging situation, you can use an FRP bypass app to make your way around Google verification. Gamepad download. So, which are the top 12 FRP removal tools you cannot miss out on? Let’s take a look at them below.

    1. Pangu FRP Bypass APK

    Pangu is a free way to bypass Google account and remove the FRP lock. It works for Lollipop 5.1, Marshmallow 6.1, Nougat 7.0 and 7.1.2 and Oreo 8.0. The tool can be used for all brands of Android mobiles like Samsung, Motorola, Micromax, and SPD.

    You have to select the Talkback option and use Apex launcher to start the process. Then disable Google Play Services and Google Account Manager and switch off the Find My Device option. Then you need to install Pangu FRP Unlocker on your device to bypass Google verification.

    Pangu is easy to use and saves your valuable time. You can unlock your device and start using it normally in a matter of minutes.

    2. UnlockUnit Intelligent Assistant

    Wondering how to bypass Google account verification? You can use this unique chat-oriented process to unlock your phone in easy steps. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge as a chatbot helps you with all the instructions.

    You are given full money back guarantee if UnlockUnit Intelligent Assistant is unable to unlock the FRP. The bot provides you superior technical support which bypasses Google verification in very less time. The advanced AI bot also offers a great conversational experience and doesn’t let you get bored during the process.

    Try out UnlockUnit FRP bypass tool if other methods haven’t worked for you. Many users have already tried it out and are satisfied with the results.

    3. Samsung Reactivation Lock/FRP Removal Service

    If you are looking for a Samsung FRP bypass tool, then this online service fits the bill perfectly! You don’t need to download any FRP bypass APK, watch confusing tutorial videos or follow complex instructions- you can unlock your phone using your IMEI number!

    Just head over to Samsung Reactivation Lock website and choose your Samsung model from the drop-down list. Then enter the IMEI number without any spaces and receive a unique user ID and password to reset your Samsung mobile.

    Guide: How to Remove FRP Lock from Samsung

    You will receive the new credentials within 24 to 72 hours of submitting your IMEI number.

    4. FRP/Google Account Bypass and Flashing Tool

    You can use this FRP unlock tool to get past the Google verification on your Android device. It has been developed by Gadgets Doctor and is a recent addition to FRP bypass tools.

    The program is useful to bypass Google account for HTC, MI, Qualcomm, Samsung, MTK and SPD smartphones. You have to download the FRP bypass APK from the website and then install it on your device. Then the tool will give you simple on-screen instructions to unlock FRP.

    Users will also be able to flash their phones using this tool. Flashing of mobile is required when you want to override the stock partition to install another image. You can also flash your device to install a new operating system using this Gmail bypass APK.

    5. Free Bypass APK for Samsung

    To bypass the Google account, Samsung users can take help of this free tool. You can break the security restrictions of your phone to get access to your data. The tool is also useful when you have forgotten your Gmail credentials after a factory reset.

    You have to install the APK on your device by allowing download from unknown sources. There will be two files- the Samsung FRP bypass APK and SlideSync for PC setup. You will be able to access the app directly after the APK is installed.

    6. GSM Flasher Tool

    GSM Flasher is a flashing app but you can also use it to bypass the FRP lock on your phone. The first step is to download the setup file on your PC and install it. The program will work for all types of operating systems including Windows and Mac.

    After you have installed the program, you will be able to bypass Google verification by connection your mobile with a USB cable to your PC. The software also lets you remove pattern locks in case you forgot yours.

    The tool can also reactivate lock removers.

    7. D&G Password Unlocker

    D&G Password Unlocker can help Android users to remove FRP restrictions from their mobiles and tablets in a few seconds. The program will work for major brands including Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, HTC and Yuphoria.

    The software supports all Windows platforms like XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. After downloading, you have to follow the instructions to install this FPR unlock tool on your PC. Then you just connect your mobile with a USB cable and reset it without needing Google email and password.


    Samsung Frp Tool Download For Mac Pro

    The tool also lets you flash Android mobile phone and rewrite the firmware. You can unlock your phone for free using this neat FRP removal tool.

    8. UnlockJunky

    If you don’t mind paying a fee, you can get your Android phone unlocked by expert technicians. Just head over to Unlock Junky and choose your brand and model of phone. Then select your unlock type (FRP, in this case) and download the software.

    Now plug in your device and start a live chat with a technician who does all the work on your behalf. You can get your phone unlocked in 5 to 15 minutes without having to move an inch!
    The service is available from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday.

    9. Bypass FRP online

    Apart from tools and software packages, there are lots of different Bypass FRP online websites available for the users which they can access directly to accomplish their tasks. Because the installation of a third-party FRP tool or software is a big threat to your privacy, that’s why these websites are considered relevant for the users. However, these websites will also take some charges to do the task for you as well. There will be no issue with the compatibility of these websites with any device. The processing speed of this website to get your task done is also very high, which makes it a standout performer and an ideal choice for the users. The intuitive graphic user-interface of these Bypass FRP websites are also pretty much decent. Users can quickly fulfill their requirements using this website. These websites are having those scripts and algorithms in them, which can bypass any lock easily and hassle-free. Users are not supposed to enter difficult kinds of scripts and algorithms in it.

    Most of the Bypass FRP websites offer their services exclusively for free to all Android users. But some of them are paid too, which claims that they will do this job of bypassing the Factory Reset Protection most conveniently. Users should try some of these websites for their personal use as many of them have been awarded by many big tech platforms like Reddit etc. Though the FRP tools are pretty much optimized and well enough to fulfill the requirements of bypassing the FRP, still these websites are used on a massive scale by the users. All you need to do is the just search for the most relevant site which can bypass the FRP in a matter of just a few minutes.

    10. GSM FRP Bypass and Flashing tool

    This FRP tool for Android users look pretty much outdated as this is a command-prompt bypass tool. Most of the users can bypass the FRP in their Android device just because of the robust algorithm associated with the working of this FRP bypass tool. The graphic user-interface of this tool seems to be a little outdated as compared to the other tools, but this tool is result driven and we really hope that you will become able to get success in bypassing the FRP lock on your Android device. GSM FRP Bypass and Flashing tool is available for free to all users, which makes it a popular choice among all. There is a separate section available under this FRP bypass tool which is exclusively designed for Samsung phones. Because to bypass the FRP lock of Samsung phones, there are some different tools that have to be used, that’s why the developers of this software have separated and created two different sections out of one which is reserved exclusively for Samsung phones. Almost every kind of smartphone brand is covered under this bypass FRP tool from Samsung, HTC to Xiomi, and many more. Some flash tools are also available on this bypass FRP tool, which is really a great thing for the users.

    GSM FRP Bypass tool is one of the most popular tools for the users, which is doing the same job for the past many years. There is no doubt that optimizations are done on this tool on a regular basis because the FRP locks are becoming more enhanced and protected day by day with the launch of every new smartphone in the market. The focus has been laid on the working of this tool rather than making the graphic user-interface to look attractive. Everyone is not able to use this tool on their Android phones because as we already mentioned, there shall be a high knowledge of Android phones to learn the functions performed by the GSM FRP Bypass tool. Apart from all these features, the GSM FRP Bypass tool also works fine with the old version of SP Flash, which is a very fantastic feature. So, install this tool on your Android smartphone today and click on the Start icon present at the bottom of the display screen to start the process of bypassing the FRP lock.

    11. FRP HyJacker Tool (For Samsung Smartphones)

    Bypassing the Google account verification is not an easy task in Samsung smartphones, but using this tool on your Android smartphone, you will become able to bypass it very conveniently and reliably as well. This Hyjacker tool for Samsung Smartphones has been used. Millions of users across the world daily. The working of this Hyjacker tool for Samsung phones is not very difficult to learn. Video tutorials can help you to determine the operations which are required to be done on this software to bypass the Google Account verification on this software. There is a separate user-manual guide provided by the developers of this FRP Hyjacker tool for Samsung smartphones. You can read them or can watch video tutorials for a better understanding of the operations. Like the GSM FRP Bypass tool, this tool also supports the older version of SP flash.

    That’s why if you have the latest Samsung smartphone with you, then this tool should be your sure shot choice to bypass the Google Account verification process. As we already mentioned above, this tool is available exclusively for Samsung smartphones, that’s why we do not try to apply or use this tool on the smartphones of other brands like HTC, Xiomi, Motorola, and Huawei as well. Talking about Graphic user interface of this FRP Hyjacker tool for Samsung smartphones, then you will find it to be pretty much decent in this segment. The neat and clean interface of this FRP bypass tool is somewhat, which everyone has liked a lot. All you need to operate this FRP tool for Samsung is just a stable Wi-Fi connection. After connecting your phone to a Wi-Fi network, follow the steps which are guided by this software/tool. There may be a probability that you won’t become able to bypass the FRP tool in the first attempt. That’s why we will recommend you to attempt this operation multiple times. So, this FRP Hyjacker tool for Samsung is very incredible who is delivering satisfying results to its users.

    12. Quick Shortcut Maker APK

    If in case none of the methods or tools work for you, then please give one try to Quick Shortcut Maker APK as it is one of the highly recommended tools for the users. This FRP Bypass tool has been included in the list of the top FRP tools of the year 2018 and 2019. There is a very low probability that this tool might get unable to accomplish your task. To bypass the Google Account security verification using this tool, users are required to learn the functionality and working of this tool first. There are elementary operations that need to learn before applying it on your smartphone. This tool also requires a stable Wi-Fi connection for the successful processing of bypassing the FRP tool.

    This FRP bypass tool is pretty much compatible with smartphones of almost every top smartphone manufacturer brand like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Xiomi, etc. Understanding the working algorithm of this FRP bypass tool is pretty much easier for the users. The developers of this tool make continuous optimizations on this FRP tool to make it more relevant and reliable for the users. The graphic user-interface of this tool is also pretty much attractive for the users, which makes it an exceptional choice for all users. Most of the major tech platforms have recommended this FRP bypass tool to the users as the preferable choice over several other tools which we have listed above. If in case you are unable to bypass the google account verification process or bypass the FRP lock on your Android smartphone, then you can give multiple attempts to it. But before applying any method, make sure that you have connected your device to a stable Wi-Fi connection.

    Tip: If you lost data after factory reset your Android phone, you can quickly get them back by using this free data recovery software. It’s powerful and easy to use. Here’s how to recover data after factory reset Android.


    The above tools are best and easy to use if you have been searching for how to bypass Google account verification and get past FRP. You can use the free ones or go for the tested and try out the paid methods based on your preference. Keep this post handy as you may need it anytime you want to bypass Google account – you don’t want to forget any of the steps, do you?

    Samsung Tool Frp

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