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Pokemon Sword And Shield for Android is the hottest game of the year 2019 and still going strong in 2020 which was only available for Nintendo Switch but now after 3 months it’s been released for mobile and we can easily say it’s the best game for mobile till date and is fully optimized to download Pokemon sword and shield Android and IOS to fit in your pocket and the best part about. Poke Abby is an interesting game that takes an established and popular theme in modern culture, then tweaks it to make it unique. The art style is a lesser-used style but one that works very well in this title, adding to the unique feel.

Here you can download Poke Genie - Safe IV Calculator apk apps free for your android phone, tablet or supported on any android device. Just there are many people who want to download any apk apps file directly and often when they failed to find quickly any apps then here through this platform we are providing the facility to download apk files.

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PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO is an application built specifically for finding Pokemon near you.

One of the requisites of Pokemon GO is that players have to move around in order to find the Pokemon, and most of the time they don’t know what they will get. The developers of the game are trying really hard to keep this information away from users. This is one of the reasons why you won’t see PokeAlert available in the official Google Play Store.

Basically, PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO will help players to scan around for available Pokemon, and when the app is not turned on to provide relevant notifications to users.

The only problem is that like many of other apps that interfere with the original game, the PokeAlert app can get you banned if you don’t use it properly.

For more information on downloading PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.


  • Special mode to find Ditto
  • Real Player mode simulates natural behavior of players
  • IP ban and Speed Cap detection implemented
  • Multi-Account support
  • Background scanning

PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO APK versions (7):

  • PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO 4.0.13-82017-01-27
  • PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO 4.0.13-42017-01-22
  • PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO 4.0.12-42017-01-12
  • PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO 4.0.11-12017-01-06
  • PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO 4.0.9-22016-12-30
  • + 2 more versions available

All PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO versions:

  • PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO 4.0.13-82017-01-27
  • PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO 4.0.13-42017-01-22
  • PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO 4.0.12-42017-01-12
  • PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO 4.0.11-12017-01-06
  • PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO 4.0.9-22016-12-30
  • PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO 4.0.92016-12-27
  • PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO 4.0.8-62016-12-20
New in PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO 4.0.13-8:Read the full changelog

current version:

PokeAlert - Notification for Pokemon GO 4.0.13-8+ 6 more available

Pokesniper V2 – You must have played Pokémon Go Game once in your life and if you not, then you had lost something very unique because we all Pokémon Go fans are love this game and its uniqueness. But as you all know that, every good thing comes with some flaws, so this game also has some faults that make it dangerous sometimes (only if user not mature enough), HOW? Let’s find out:

Pokémon Go is a worldwide famous and one of the most downloadable games ever, so you must try it once, but before that, let’s understand this game process and how you will need today’s app Pokesniper 2 APK that helps you to play this game safely without any hassle.

Pokesniper V2


Now, Pokémon Go isn’t an app for all countries fans of Pokémon Go Game, because some countries officials ban this game in their countries.

Reason: Every single user of Pokémon Go, want to watch all the Pokémon go characters, and want to throw his/her poke ball on their favorite Pokémon character but it is not that much easy as you guys are thinking now, but YES, if you catch them then your score will increase.

So, how to do that? Well, we have the best solution for you and that is “Poke sniper APK Version 2” and it will help you to find the rear Pokémon on your Pokemon Go Game so easily. All you need is to download pokesniper v2 apk to catch the rarest.

Pokesniper V2 APK for Android and PC Download

Pokesniper V2 is an amazing tool that enables all the best features in pokemon go game and user can easily catch all the rear pokemon characters. All you need to do is just enter the location of Pokemon in Longitude and Latitude.

So, if the user always struggling to grab all the top best Pokémon’s to prove themselves in front of their friends than you can download pokesniper 2 apk for free on Android. Here, we are going to share a detailed step by step guide for you, so you can follow us and download pokesniper v2 easily on Android or Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7 based PCs.

First, let’s understand the pokesniper version 2 apk file features and options for your better performance:

Pokesniper V2 Features – Pokesniper 2 APK Features

There are plenty of unique and useful features in the latest version 2 of pokesniper and you will feel so amazing to know what are those, and you will get once you download pokesniper 2 apps for Android or PC.

  • It is one of the best apps to hack pokemon go game with easy to follow tool.
  • Easy to install and you can download all Android 4.0 and above operating system based mobile phones.
  • One tap to find the pokemon with coordinates.
  • No need to root your android device.
  • No ban threat for using pokesniper app that is the best feature in this app.
  • Pokemesh APK is a tool to catch rear pokemon characters.

Pokesniper 2 APK Download

Usually, all those apps that based on the hacking games are never supported by the Google Play Store, and this is the reason, you cannot grab this Pokesniper v2 from Google play store officially.

So, how to download pokesniper 2 apk file on android devices or you can download pokesniper apk for PC. You just need to download pokesniper apk with links given below and follow the step by step process to install the app on your android phone with easy to follow the process.

Step by Step Process to Install Pokesniper APK

If you are used to with the process of installing third party apk files on Android devices, then you can skip this process download pokesniper apk file from above links and install it. But if you are familiar than follow our step by step process.

Well, if you an iOS user and want to try Pokesniper 2 for iOS and for iPhone than you can try iOSEmus to understand the process to download and install a Pokesniper app for iOS and enjoy the pokemon go on iOS.

At the same time if you an Android user then follow below process simply.

  1. First, you need to allow the third party apps to install Pokesniper 2 APK on android device and follow below instructions to allow third-party
  • Go to Settings option on your phone and switch to the General tab, if needed.
  • Tap on the Security
  • Tick the checkbox next to the Unknown Sources
  • Confirm the warning message by tapping on OK.
  1. Download Pokesniper 2 APK file with be provided above button.
  2. Now tap on the downloaded file in the Notification Bar, or in your downloads section. And then click on Install Button and follow the process.
  3. Now, you can find the Pokesniper apk version 2 icon in your app tray, and you can now use it and enjoy it.

How to Download Pokesniper 2 APK for PC – Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7

  • First, download Bluestacks, an android emulator for Windows PC.
  • Now, download the APK version of Pokesniper version 2 app.
  • Install it on Bluestacks app player and you are good to go.
  • Enjoy pokemon go on PC with more powers.

Poke Abby Apk For Android Download Pc

How to Catch Rare Pokemon with Pokesniper App on Android – Video Tutorial

We have placed a video below for you so you can understand the process to catch the rare pokemon with the pokesniper app on Android smartphones.

Final Verdicts:

We have shared the complete detailed guide on the Pokesniper V2 that is version 2 of popular pokemon go tool called Pokesniper APK for android. So what are you waiting for? just use the above button to download pokesniper 2 apk for free.

If you found this post helpful than you can try this while playing pokemon go game. If you still have any query, then you can drop your queries, feedback, or questions in the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.