Nekonin Exheart 2 18%2b Patch Download

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  • As soon as I saw the trailer for Neko-Nin exHeart I knew that this was a game I had to play. Actually, this is a visual novel so you will not be doing a whole lot of playing. However, those of you who are looking for something that is easy on the eyes, easy to get into, and full of cute anime-style characters, you are in for a real treat here.
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If I were asked to choose a role for a cat, ninja would probably be one of my last choices. Those loveable fur balls make excellent — if somewhat lazy — hunters; at a push they can make a passable rogue; perhaps even thief (an easily caught one, but still).

I have met few cats with the finesse to pull off being a ninja. Its not their fault really. Cats can’t help the way their bodies excitedly wriggle around while they stalk their prey. They can’t help the odd meow they let out in delight as they prepare to pounce.

Nekonin Ex Heart 2 18%2b Patch Download Pc

Yet in the aptly titled NEKO-NIN exHeart, cats do indeed take on the role of ninja. Well okay, there’s more to these cats than just fur. As is popular in Japanese entertainment, these cats are actually girls. Cute, adorable, never-want-anything-bad-to-happen-to-them-ever cat girls.

It’s safe to say that their cuteness is the cause of a lot of problems for protagonist Haruki. He’s left struggling with the fact that two cat girl ninja have pledged their lives to him; to do with as he pleases.

Haruki doesn’t want his normal everyday school life routine disrupted in this manner, but how can he turn them away when they combine the cuteness of cats with that of girls!? They represent the best of both in one lovely bouncy package.

In my time with NEKO-NIN exHeart thus far, this initial dilemma has been approached in a charming comedic style. The two feline heroines Tama and Yura, are quickly established as loveable sisters. Their voice actresses make the girls (cats?) all the more endearing; the sound they make when staring at Haruki, the noises as they fight over food, and especially those when pretending to sleep — I could enjoy listening to them several times over.

I love that developers Whirlpool have taken this into account. For NEKO-NIN exHeart has a feature that may sound completely pointless, but which has fast become one I wish all games had. Whenever a line is voiced, in addition to being able to replay that line, you can also add it to a “Voice Test” menu.

Nekonin ex heart 2 18%2b patch download torrent

The Voice Test menu basically allows you to save any line that you’ve enjoyed. So you can come back and listen to it whenever you wish even after you have long since passed the scene that voice is from.

Nekonin Ex Heart 2 18%2b Patch Download Free

But that’s not all! The Voice Test also allows continuous play, shuffle, and repeat — just as any decent music player would. The possibility of creating a unique playlist of embarrassing sounds certainly makes me smile. There’s definitely an additional, somewhat unexpected, avenue for fun here. The only slight issue with the Voice Test is that the column size for the speaker names in the details pane is a little small. Longer strings are subsequently cut off.

Nekonin Ex Heart 2 18%2b Patch Download Torrent

My initial impression of NEKO-NIN exHeart is that I’ll be enjoying the rest of my time with the title. That is, if I can claw myself away from the Voice Test feature long enough to finish the story and all its branching options. A full review will be published once I have.

Nekonin Ex Heart 2 18%2b Patch Download Youtube

NEKO-NIN exHeart is released on Steam in a family friendly “all ages” version, and on both Nutaku and Denpasoft’s website in adult uncut format — featuring no mosaics during sexual scenes. Denpasoft also offers a paid patch to convert the Steam version for customers outside Japan.

Nekonin Exheart 2 18%2b Patch Download

Screenshots were taken by the author.

NEKO-NIN exHeart was obtained as a review copy courtesy of Denpasoft.

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