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‘Logo’ is a Windows programming language created in 1967 at the MIT Artificial Intelligence laboratory by Wallace Feurzeig and a selected MIT team. The project grew at MIT and branched to other research sites in Austria, Scotland, Tasmania, and Edingburgh. MSWLogo programming languages are of LISP dialect designed as a learning tool for beginners or children; it lets you create multimedia presentations, develops simulations and games.

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When you install MSW Logo, Windows puts it in its own program group or folder. Open the program group or folder and there’s Logo in its own little window. Double-click on the Logo icon in that little window to open MSW Logo. Getting Started 9 Parts of the Screen There's Ernestine sitting a t.

There are many Logo programming languages, like MSWLogo, FMSLogo, and UCBLogo (created by Professor Brian Harvey, UC Berkeley, and his students). ‘Logo’ is generally used to interpret language. Yet, there are those who used it to compile code. MSWLogo, FMSLogo, and UCBLogo are all free apps.

Programming made simpler

Mswlogo Screen Commands

Msw Logo Download For Android

Logo programming is a great way to teach kids about programming. With all the charts and graphs as main applications, some would say this is very boring. But MSWLogo can be fun, as it lets you create and develop programs and games for Windows.

MSWLogo is easy to use. There are tutorials and tons of video guides to help you understand and use the app. Learning is so easy that you will be able to create graphs and squares in no time. Yet, MSWLogo is limited and rarely used. So it’s not for those who want to make a career out of programming.

The advancements of programming

There is a long list of programming languages, so let’s discuss the main three in this article (MSWLogo, FMSLogo, and UCBLogo). The logo language itself is quite advanced, but what about these three?

FMSLogo by David Costanza, an updated version of MSWLogo’ which George Mills designed, is a multimedia-enhanced version of UCBLogo. Shockingly, there’s a fourth edition, and maybe even more, it’s aUCBLogo, a rewrite of UCBLogo by Andreas Micheler. Like everything in the world of technology, nothing stays the same.

Our take

MSWLogo is a great product. However, the best option would be to get all three versions of Brian Harvey’s Computer science logo styles in all the information.

Should you download it?

Msw Logo Download For Android

Yes. If you a beginner or would like to teach a child, then MSWLogo is perfect for you. However, for advanced learning, get Brian Harvey’s books. Either way, you will gain excellent knowledge.


Msw Logo Download For Android Phones

Welcome to MSWLogo
Download mswlogo windows 10 View a MSW Logo screen shot.(24 KB)

GUI and Extensions By George Mills ([email protected])

Core By Brian Harvey ([email protected]) University of California Berkeley

MSW Logo Kits (Current version is 6.5b, released December 19, 2002)

Release Notes : Includes System Requirements, recent bug fixes, included in all kits 12 KB
Setup Kit : Complete installation kit for Windows NT/7/2K/XP/95/98/ME/VISTA 1.7 MB
(FMSLogo) Continued Development Project : Continued community development at

with bug fixes, new features and performance improvements

Win32Help Kit for Vista x86 : Win32Hlp kit for Windows Vista x86 Only 600 KB
Win32Help Kit for Windows 7 x86 : Win32Hlp kit for Windows Windows 7 x86 Only 600 KB
Win32Help Kit for Windows 7 x64 : Win32Hlp kit for Windows Windows 7 x64 Only 600 KB
InstallShield Knowlegde Base : Link to help diagnose problems installing programs that use InstallShield
Source Kit (V6.5a) : Borland C++ 5.02 Sources 1.0 MB
Tutorial Kit (V4.2) : Optional 11 minute Video on basics of MSWLogo 3.5 MB

MSW Logo non-English Kits

German Kits : Complete installation kits for various Windows platforms
Portuguese Kits : Complete installation kits for various Windows platforms
Japanese Kits : Complete installation kits for various Windows platforms
French Adaptations : This is not a French .EXE kit but procedures to redefine the command set
French Adaptations II : This is not a French .EXE kit but procedures to redefine the command set

with extensive documentation for the French speaking student

Printed and Interactive Books

The Great Logo Adventure : Electronic copy of the actual book on learning Logo by Jim Muller (Graciously donated by Jim)3.5 MB
The Great Logo Adventure CD : All files on the accompanied CD included with the published book by Jim Muller1.5 MB
Computer Science Logo Style : a set of printed books on more advanced Logo programming techniques by Brian Harvey ([email protected])
A Turtle for the Teacher : a web based book on learning Logo by Paul Dench ([email protected])
An Introduction to MSW Logo : a web based book on learning Logo by Jim Fuller ([email protected])
Logo Lessons : a web based book on learning Logo by Michael Koss ([email protected])
Logo class outline : a web based class outline for Logo by Simon Rudge ([email protected])

Download Mswlogo Windows 10

Logo Site Seeing

Dan Gerhard's WWW site of an incredibly well done Asteroid like game written in MSwlogo.
[email protected]mbleWeb WWW site presented by Ambleside C.E. Primary School.
Fredi Glavan WWW site for Croatian speaking students.
Olly Parnaby's WWW site for MSWLogo with detailed projects.
Lee Nichol's WWW site for MSWLogo with lots of GUI examples.
Gilmozzi Mauro's WWW site for Italian speaking students.
Jamie's WWW site of step by step instructions to building a GUI Tic-Tac-Toe game.
Jim Muller's WWW site of all sorts of Logo adventures.
Frank Caggiano's Logo WWW page which covers lots of interesting projects in many dialects of Logo.
Logo Art Gallery WWW page by Yehuda Katz and Olga Tuzova containing a Logo art gallery.
Jim Fuller's Logo WWW page which covers low cost projects for doing robotics and an Online Book.
Brian Harvey's WWW site which includes version of UCBLogo and his highly respected books.
Logo FAQ includes information on commercial and public domain logo's (out of date).
MIT Multi-Media LAB FTP site which includes information on Logo (out of date).
Microsoft FTP software library site which includes enhancements to Windows.
EuroLogo WWW page which includes European related information on Logo and much more.
Logo Foundation WWW page which is a nonprofit educational organization on Logo.
Mr. Fujikawa's WWW page which includes projects he has done with his High School Physics students in Japan.

Logo Talk

comp.lang.logo Internet news group.
LogoForum list server To join send email to [email protected]
LogoForum Message Board.
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