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At our portal we provide all type of Marathi font to download at free. User can also download Marathi keyboard layout used in Marathi Typing.

Free download Shivaji font, Kiran font, Kruti Dev font, Saras, Lekhani, Liza, Lok, Maya, Nutan, Priya, Sharda, Richa etc font free:

Mg shree wide font download free

Our fonts are of high quality and we have zero flaw reported till now from our customers. In India, Maratha / Marathi Language is one of the highly used language after Hindi and English. There is a historical and cultural significance of Maratha Dynasty which ruled over various parts of India.

1. Marathi Typing Font

Marathi Langauge written in Devnagari script, So the all font that are used in Devnagari aka Hindi font are also used for Marathi typing. The most common devnagari font are Krutidev and Devlyas font. In Marathi Typing Hindi Keyboard is used for Marathi typing. Many govrnment requires Marathi typing test also taken in krutidev font.

2. Marathi Unicode Font

After download and install Marathi Unicode Font, User can read Marathi text on any marathi website, Marathi Language newspaper etc.

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Read the Marathi Font installation instruction here.

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Mg shree font download free

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