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The download is provided as is, with no modifications or changes made on our side. The download version of Lotto Sorcerer for Mac is 9.2. Each download we provide is subject to periodical scanning, but we strongly recommend you check the package for viruses on your side before running the installation.

MacOS 9.2.2
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Thanks to Jason Reid

MacOS 9.0 was released in October 1999 with the final update for it,version 9.2.2, release in December 2001. MacOS 9.2.2 is the last versionof MacOS based on the original Macintosh operating system.

Mac Os 9 Iso Download Free

This is the MacOS 9 desktop. Over all the user interface is not muchdifferent from the MacOS 8.x desktop but there have been many technicalimprovements and some new features added. (Note, these screen shots alsoshow a useful third party utility called 'Dave' that enables Macs to fullyparticipate in a Windows NT network)

The control strip, which was available for earlier versions of MacOShas been improved. You can now simply drag tiles onto the strip to installthem, instead of having to put them in 'Control Strip Modules.' You cannow also delete one by holding the Option key, then dragging it out.

Mac OS 9 can, optionally, have multiple users. Each user can have adifferent desktop theme and sound settings. Users can be given limitedpermissions so as to prevent them from messing up the Mac while still lettingthem use it.

With multiple users enabled the above login box appears at startup.Microsoft completely ripped off the appearance of this login window inWindows XP.

This is the multiple user control panel used to add and modify usersettings.


A very funky feature of MacOS 9 is that it can use your voiceprintas a password. You record a phrase and when you log in it does not justcheck the phrase but also that you are the one saying it.

Also on the subject of security, MacOS 9 adds the ability to encryptfiles on your hard drive.

A screen shot of MacOS 9 browsing the hard drive to show some of itsicons. In 9.0 - 9.0.4, most applications would install to the 'Applications'folder. 9.1 changed that, as it shipped at the same time, and along with,Mac OS X 10.0. 'Applications' is now used for OS X applications, and 'Applications(Mac OS 9) for OS 9 apps. It cannot be renamed to remove the (Mac OS 9).

MacOS 9 ships with Sherlock 2. You can use it to search your hard drive,as well as places on the internet. Google even has a plugin you can installthat allows Sherlock to search it.

This version of MacOS also ads a software update feature that can getsystem software and application updates from Apple over the internet. Youcan get updates manually or schedule a time to get updates automatically.

It also adds a network browser that enables you browse file servers,web servers and FTP servers.

Also on the subject of networking, MacOS 9 has an improved versionof AppleScript that can work remotely over TCP/IP with other Macintoshes.

Not that it is part of MacOS (thank goodness) but a web browser thatwas once popular for it was Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 for the Mac.Microsoft, however, has completely abandoned IE for the Mac. Thisversion will run on 9.x but actually can run on MacOS as far back as 8.1(on PPC only). There is also a MacOS X native version but Microsoft hasabandoned that version as well.

Mac Os 9.2 Iso Download Free Download

The last version of Mozilla that will Run on MacOS 9 is version 1.2.1.Unlike IE, however, Mozilla is still being actively developed for MacOSX.

Mac Os 9.2 Iso Download Free

This is the Quicktime 6 Player, MacOS 9.0 - 9.1 comes with Quicktime4, and 9.2.1 comes with Quicktime 5. Quicktime is used internally by MacOSfor many image, drawing, and sound operations.

Logging out of MacOS 9.

(There's no video for Mac OS 9.2.2 Universal (2013 MacOS9Lives edition) yet. Please contribute to MR and add a video now!)

Mac Os 9.2.2 Iso Download

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What is Mac OS 9.2.2 Universal (2013 MacOS9Lives edition)?

Compliments of

This unofficial Mac OS 9.2.2 universal boot CD was compiled in 2013 by/for macos9lives. This is not the installer released by Apple. This is a 9.2.2 drive image that includes updates and graphics drivers released after the offical 9.2.2 installer CD. It contains CPU version 5.9, Mac ROM 10.2.1, DiskCopy 6.5b13, the older DriveSetup 1.5.2 for compatibility, and other custom variations that are discussed over at their forum. The updates were included in MacOSX 10.2. This system is intended for those who want the updated OS 9.2.2 without having to install MacOSX. If you plan to install OSX then you should use the offical Apple installer from 2002.

See compatibility notes below for some comments about models that it could not boot. If you want a way more successful Mac OS 9.2.2 boot CD, try the Mac OS 9.2.2 universal boot CD (2002 edition).

For unsupported G4's (such as eMac 1ghz/ATI) see Mac OS 9.2.2 Install (for unsupported G4s)

See also:Mac OS 9.2.2 'boot kit' for booting your G3 or G4 from an USB stick

Mac_OS_9.2.2_Universal_Install.iso(497.28 MiB / 521.44 MB)
Mac OS 9.2.2 universal (2013 edition) / ISO image
11989 / 2014-12-17 / 7054345676d0c6b9ecfcf6630d1aa92347f1e06e / /



Architecture: PPC

Does not boot G3 (450mhz) iMac DV+ from summer 2000. -- that-ben

This is supposed to support any G3 or G4 Mac computer, but I tried on a eMac G4 with 1Ghz 2003 and the 17 inches monitor not was detected. -- Xor Prime

it is supposed to boot into all machines... which support OS9. emacs and xserves are out of the game, fw-800 macs need OS9drivers on their HDs and/or open firmware hacks, and old world G3s require '9enabler' --IIO

Emulating this? It should run fine under: SheepShaver

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