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I know what you might be thinking, “No way, Azur Lane on PC?” Well, here we are with a PC version alright – and this time, you won’t even need an emulator! Get to play the game directly onto your desktop without any hassle at all.

  1. Lol Skins Download 2021

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It’s Kancolle… But Better!

Canned Cole? What’s that?

Azur Lane? Now that’s a good ship game. So, imagine if your WWII veteran grandfather told you stories about his time in the Navy and how Illustrious’ top was enormous but instead of talking about the ship’s landing bay, he’s referring to a beautiful lady with giant planes.

Azur Lane

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If you like anthropomorphic warships turned into beautiful anime waifus that will give any WWII veteran depression, it’s Azur Lane. However, beneath all the thicc thighs, big-tiddy one-sans lies an unexpectedly engrossing bullet-hell strategic game. I’m telling you – it’s really Kancolle but better.

A Loosely-Based WWII Story

You are the Commander – the authority that will unite all factions to combat a similar foe – an alien force that seeks to destroy humanity: the Sirens. You take control of multiple mighty nations: Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Ironblood and Sakura Empire (along with event-based factions).

Lol Skins Download 2021

However, the Sirens discovered a way to manipulate the factions in order to see them bring mayhem to each other. The Ironblood and Sakura Empire realized that the best solution to save humanity is to serve the Sirens and use their technology for the greater good. However, the Eagle Union and the Royal Navy still insist that the destruction of the Sirens will bring peace to the land. The differences between the four factions caused them to declare war against each other.

Glanced for the Story, Stayed for the Waifus

But as the Commander, you will need to find a way to unite them once again. Will you abide by the rules of the Sirens or believe in the strength of your ship girls to eradicate the tumor of Earth that came from space?

The stories in the game are based on the actual Naval Theater of War of WWII but with a mix of anime edginess. But come on, you’re here for the waifus, not the story – admit it. Also, the game features more than 300 waifus – all based from real-life ships both alive and sunk. Ships like the USS Enterprise, HMS Queen Elizabeth, KMS Bismarck and IJN Akagi all make an appearance in full weeaboo fashion.

The Friendliest Gacha Game You’ll Ever Come Across

Tired of the 0.1% chance for SSR pulls and frustrating resource grinding? Luckily, Azur Lane doesn’t run on that kind of system! In fact, a lot of experienced gacha players hail it as the most generous gacha game to date! We’re talking about 7% SSRs and easy-to-get SR event ships without needing to take a month just to have enough pulls to satisfy your broke F2P desires!

If you want a pull fiesta that almost always feels like a win, then you won’t find better luck than in Azur Lane. I’d also like to point out that you can use premium currency to buy more than just gacha resources—err, I mean cubes. Pro tip: Get Zara, Taihou or St. Louis’ skins instead. Nudge nudge wink wink.

Lol Skins Download

Awesome Gameplay for a Gacha Game

Take the essentials of side-scrolling bullet hell, Battleship and lots of RNG: that’s Azur Lane for you. It’s rare to see free-to-play RPGs where you take full control of the gameplay but this one does just that. Oh, and the game is full of cute chibi sprites that are meme-potential.

Build a Relationship with Ship Girls in Azur Lane

To satisfy the weeb demographic and give them a sense of engagement with a non-existent girl, the game includes a relationship system where, ultimately, you can marry the ship of your life. There’s no stopping you here. Propose to your “Big Sister”, “Little Sister” or “Mommy” in the game? Sweet Home Alabama! Want to marry a Destroyer? Go ahead! Even the FBI can’t do anything.

No shame here–just disappointment.

Lots of Crossovers Worth Spending Time On

To keep the weeb market growing, AL also merges with other IPs! They’re known mostly for the Azur Lane x World of Warships event where you can earn waifu skins that you can flex on WoW (which also makes you an easy target, just saying). There’s also a Neptunia crossover featuring the lovable Neppu Neppu and her buddies. Last, but not the least, you have Kizuna Ai. Ever had a dream of marrying Kizuna Ai? Boy, do I have good news for you. That’s how Azur Lane works!

Join a Community Filled with Awesome Fans

Moreover, there are 5 more reasons to like Azur Lane: One, the fandom has a great sense of humor while retaining big brain knowledge about the game strategies. Two, lots of great fan art (and an emphasis on particular “fan art”). Three, the AL conventions are full of awesome stuff to be had. Four, Intern-kun – the Art Director of the game – directly engages with the fans and even does memes with them especially on Discord. And five, Manjuu CEO Shuyin Lin: the cutest and the prettiest CEO to ever walk on planet Earth. Please protect glorious CEO Shuyin Lin at all costs.

Anyway, enough weeb talk! Time to get your Azur Lane download for PC here! Play it directly on your desktop and enjoy Azur Lane World of Warships.

Game Features

  • Mix of Bullet Hell, RTS and intuitive naval combat.
  • Over more than 300 unique beautiful ship girls that you can interact with.
  • Extremely friendly gacha rates and no pay-to-win schemes.
  • Outstanding splash arts and cute chibi sprites along with highly-rendered 3D effects including explosions, bullets and sea waves
  • All-star voice actresses including Ai Kayano (Okaasan Online), Sora Amamiya (KonoSuba), Rie Kugumiya (Gintama), Ayane Sakura (My Hero Academia), Sumire Uesaka (Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher)

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