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Test out your application in improper network conditions that involve lag, duplicate packets, drop, throttle and other negative parameters with this tool

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What's new in clumsy 0.2:

  • Update WinDivert to 1.1.7.

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Despite the fact that the Internet is at the core of business and leisure nowadays and many enjoy high-speed broadband connections, unfortunately, the network transportation is not always reliable. clumsy is a lightweight application that addresses anyone who needs to check out for bugs or the overall functionality of a program, service or feature in poor network conditions.

Enables you to identify elements that could crash your apps

The program comes with a user-friendly interface that displays the types of packages that you would like to capture. Consequentially you can choose between both inbound or outbound, TCP or UDP, IP or socket port or a combination of them. As you probably hinted, once you hit start, the tool captures the packets that you selected, leaving the other untouched.

The app enables you to make the network condition worse via the functions. To be more precise, you can hold the packets for a short while, randomly discard, block traffic for a given time frame, re-arrange them, nudge parts of their content or send cloned packets right after the original one. Take note that you can leave your application running and emulate bad network conditions by starting and stopping the app.

A handy utility for testing services and tools under poor network conditions

It is important to note that the developer draws attention over several limitations of the tool, so be take the time to read them before using the program. More precisely, the app cannot capture or reinject lookback inbound packets and they may not be working all the time, loopback packets are captured twice sometimes as well as the lack of a filter based on process.

Lag Switch Download For Roblox Pc

All in all, clumsy is not an optimal tool to test out apps in poor network conditions. Nevertheless, it can provide an effortless and quick method to make some initial tests, mainly if you are rather busy.

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