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Bring the look and feel of an iOS device to your Windows computer, test apps and play games with this user-friendly iPad simulator

Note: The newest edition of iPadian is no longer freeware but commercialware (no free trial or demo). This means that you have to purchase the full product to be able to use it. However, you can still download and use the last released freeware version from Softpedia.

Note: The newest edition of iPadian is no longer freeware but commercialware (no free trial or demo).This means that you have to purchase the full product to be able to use it. However, you can. How to install iPadian. Mar 11, 2019 - IPadian 2017 Free Download Latest Version. Review - iPadian 2017 offline installer is an Adobe AIR-based iPad simulator which permits you to run some iPad apps in an iPad-like interface on your own PC desktop computer. IPadian is a simulator, not an emulator. It gives you an impression of using the iOS, so that you can see and feel the difference between Android and the iOS. IPadian does not create a local version of the iOS on your device. IPadian does not allow you to access the iOS app store. Using iPadian you can run only apps which were designed.

iPadian is designed to transform your Windows computer into a device that supports running apps specifically created for iOS. It provides an iPad simulator that aims to help you get accustomed to the look and feel of an iOS device.

iPadian runs in fullscreen mode only but it allows fast access to the desktop using the dedicated button in the lower right side of the screen. Its response time to user actions is quite impressive, since none of the integrated or downloaded apps take long to load.

Get familiarized to iOS devices on your Windows desktop

The simulator includes a set of predefined apps that already have shortcuts on the virtual desktop while the custom App Store brings together all the compatible utilities in a single place.

While the range of tools is rather limited, the App Store enables you to search for and initialize apps related to various domains, from multimedia to networking tools, news readers and even games. Please note that IPA apps cannot be emulated with iPadian.

Easy-to-use iPad emulator for Windows users

Among the programs already included in the package, you can find the Facebook app, YouTube viewer, Gmail, a clock, a calculator and a task reminder, an audio mixing tool and a music player, a photo editor, an image viewer that can load locally stored pictures, along with a few games.

Furthermore, you can access the iPad device settings, such as airplane mode, wi-fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, general settings, wallpaper, sound, passcode, and battery.

iPadian is merely a virtual model of an iPad that offers you the possibility to experiment with the GUI and the feel of such a handheld device or test some apps. The tool worked smoothly on Windows 10 in our tests and responded to commands quickly. It should come in handy to those interested in studying an iPad to help them decide whether or not it's worth purchasing.

Download ipadian emulator free

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Ipadian Gamestation Free Download

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Ipadian Gamestation Free

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