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  1. Huawei frp unlock tool one of the best application to remove frp from Huawei smartphone device. For using it, you need to pay some money to buy key but if you don’t have money then don’t be frustrated, here we give you the 2nd method to complete this posse without paying anything. But the 2nd Huawei FRP Unlock Tool Download FREE, FRP Unlock 100% Success Read More ».
  2. Huawei FRP bypass key code by IMEI. Delivery time: from 2d to 7d (3d in most cases) Our customers rated this service at 4.67/5. This service allows you to bypass HUAWEI FRP by app and USB cable (this is not network unlocking). Erasing FRP is through HuaweiFRPEreaser app. All models supported.
  3. Unlock your Huawei phone in 3 easy steps! Fast, safe and permanent. Download the IMEI unlock tool form this page. Receive your Huawei unlocking code and instruction by e-mail. Enter the network PIN into your phone and it’s immediately unlocked.

FREE GIFT - available for loyal dongle users that has active dongle support! Free for Huawei phones only

When you can put this format 'fastboot oem get-psid' after you got it correct imei number 1. Setup and open the minimaladbfastbootv1.4.1.exe 2. Connect the phone with fastboot mode 3. Put the command like this format 'fastboot oem frp-unlock VO9NJEI2REPJLYMK'. How to get password for unlocking Bootloader in Huawei only by IMEI? The Bootloader unlock code for Huawei phones can be obtained from the Huawei official site at EMUI Huawei. To receive a password, please register an account on this site and fill out a form with information about your phone. I will focus on this part. A lot of people have trouble finding the right data.

Huawei frp unlock key code by imei free

WARNING! Do not share generated codes or IMEI on the internet - in public, or your dongle will be blocked without further notice.

DC-unlocker is not responsible for errors during code apply process, or code not working for phone. Service is a gift and has no guarantee.

Connect DC-unlocker/Rocker/Vygis or infinity dongle to PC. Launch DC-unlocker software and click 'Access support area' button in About tab

On support area page select 'Factory Codes' from top menu

You will be taken to new page. Read WARNING message - very important!

How To Unlock Imei Free

Next to your dongle ID will be empty field, click on it once

New IMEI service order menu will spread. Click on the field next to 'Service' and select - 'Huawei Factory Unlock Codes Free'

Type in your device IMEI number in 'IMEI' field and click 'Order'. Code(s) will be displayed in 'Results' column within 15 minutes

Huawei Frp Unlock Key Code By Imei Freeze

Page will reload and codes will be printed out in 'Results' column (), codes will appear within 1 minute after order was placed

All generated codes will stack in log

Unlock phone for free using imei code


Next requests can be made only after certain period of time [3-12h or longer]

If do not wish to wait, select paid option - 'Huawei Factory Unlock Code'

Unlock code requests by IMEI that do not belong for Huawei phones probably will be charged 2 credits - without refund possibility!