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Generates G-code programs from designs made with AutoCAD and builds individual schematics that cutting tools will use when they start burning the raw steel

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Gcode is an application that converts AutoCAD drawings to G-code programs that are used by laser and flame cutting machines.

Free Download specifications 100% CLEAN report malware. Defining the said codes and their subsequent paths is at the core of Intuwiz G-code Generator’s functionality. With its help, users.

Interacting with the GUI

Since this is a software piece that is meant to work with laser cutters, and other metal bending and burning devices, users don't really need some fancy layout designs. Everything is kept on a basic level, with interface commands being split between the actual G-code drawing panel and the drawing coordinate window.

Powerful set of features

There are many industrial grade flame and fire cutting applications out there, but most come bundled together with the actual machine. Gcode caters to household businesses instead of large industrial emplacements.

In this regard, the program serves quite well users' need for an easy-to-operate software app that comes with features like DXF AutoCAD file support. To better emulate this, users have access to a large number of options, including a thorough preview of the source drawing and even controls in case the drawing needs to be slightly revised.

Obviously, Gcode can be used as a drawing platform as well, since users can quickly draw any shape they want. The application estimates the overall covered area and time it would take the machine to finish cutting the desired shape with a certain cutting speed.

Projects can be saved to DXF files, and the tool allows the user choose what drawing components should he keep. This way, a complex drawing could be saved to separate parts, in case other steel cutters need them.


Gcode is an extremely useful program for blacksmiths, and flame and laser cutters out there. It can work flawlessly with the AutoCAD designs and allows quick drawing features in case some other component parts need to be quickly fixed or cut out. Overall, this is a nice app that does all the essential steel cutting work without any extra features that would encumber uselessly other programs.

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