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Free Far Cry Primal Activation Code

Far Cry Primal, that prequel to the Far Cry series set in the stone age is quite an interesting title to play. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows in 2016, Far Cry Primal is an interesting game that will keep you captivated especially if you have all the cheat codes, hacks and tricks in place as you begin playing. While playing Far Cry Primal the honest way is the best way to enjoy the game as Ubisoft Montreal intended you to, the Far Cry Primal trainer and cheat codes expand the horizons, giving the game a totally different outlook.

Far Cry Primal Free Activation Code

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Far Cry Primal is a toned down version of the Far Cry experience we’ve all come to love only that there are no futuristic gizmos. Just you, the large creatures, a pristine environment and indulging close quarters fighting that will definitely keep you on your toes. These far cry primal cheats to get you started.

Your interactions with the wild animals will add some flavor to the otherwise basic plot and bland missions. There’s a lot to conquer and do in the game. A single run through might not unlock everything. This is why I have no problem bringing out the cheat codes and the Far Cry primal trainer to spruce things up.


Far Cry Primal Cheat Engine Hacks

You can still mod Far Cry Primal on PC using Cheat Engine, a popular game memory hacking tool. You can either use existing Far Cry Primal cheat tables or get your own cheat codes using the Cheat Engine tool. Here is an intro guide to using Cheat Engine for all your cheats including the much-coveted god mode.

Far Cry Primal Trainer – How to Install and Use the Trainer

The Far Cry Primal trainer is as easy to use as any other in the market. To get started, unzip the archive containing the Far Cry Primal trainer and run the executable file. Once it is running, you can launch the game and start using the trainer.

Press the HOME key on your keyboard to activate the trainer. After this, you can use the following keys to activate different in-game effects

  • F1 -immortality
  • F2 -oxygen
  • F3 -is never cold
  • F4 -shots
  • F5 -throwing items
  • F6 -unlock slots on all weapons
  • F7 -skill points
  • F8 -experience
  • END -invisibility
  • INSERT -an alternative time of day
  • PAGE UP -increases the speed of the game
  • PAGE DOWN -slow down time
  • 6 -super speed
  • 7 -super jump
  • 8 – save site
  • 9 -teleportation
  • 0 -references teleport
  • NUMPAD1 -teleportation to the to
  • DELETE -resources

The Far Cry Primal V1.3.3 works with 1.3.3 patch 3 Far Cry Primal. Using the trainer on a different version of the game might not have the desired effect. You can find a complete list of previous Far Cry Primal trainers. Compatibility is key if you don’t want to corrupt your game installation and end up installing the game a fresh. Download the trainer over here. This will let you do all the Far Cry Primal cheats you want.

Far Cry Primal Healing Recipes

Primitive Heal

  • Requirement: Purchase the Primitive Heal I and II skills.
  • Recipe: n/a
  • Result: Replenishes 1 or 2 bars of HP.

Basic Healing

  • Requirement: Available by default.
  • Recipe: Meat
  • Result: Replenishes 2 bars of HP.

Rugged Healing

  • Requirement: Successfully complete the “Deep Wounds” mission.
  • Recipe: Meat + Green Leaf
  • Result: Replenishes 3 bars of HP.

Full Health

  • Requirement: Upgrade Sayla’s Hut to Level 2.
  • Recipe: Meat + 2x Green Leaf
  • Result: Replenishes 6 bars of HP.

Speed Boost

  • Requirement: Build Sayla’s Hut.
  • Recipe: 2x Meat + Blue Leaf
  • Result: Replenishes 2 bars of HP and increases sprint and swim speed.

Scent Camouflage

  • Requirement: Build Sayla’s Hut.
  • Recipe: 2x Meat + Violet Leaf
  • Result: Replenishes 2 bars of HP and makes it more difficult for animals to hear you.

Far Cry Primal Crack File


  • Requirement: Build Sayla’s Hut.
  • Recipe: 2x Meat + South Purple Leaf
  • Result: Replenishes 2 bars of HP and decreases damage taken from fire.


  • Requirement: Successfully complete the “Into Udam Land” mission, then speak with Sayla
  • Recipe: Meat + Rare North Yellow Leaf
  • Result: Replenishes 2 bars of HP and removes all poison effects.

Ultimate Boost

  • Requirement: Upgrade Sayla’s Hut to Level 2.
  • Recipe: 4x Meat + 2x Red Leaf + 4x Rare Plant Root
  • Result: Replenishes 6 bars of HP and combines the effects of Scent Camouflage, Fireproof, and Speed Boost.

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