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A list is any enumeration of a set of items. List or lists may also refer to:

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  • List auf Sylt, the northernmost village in Germany, on the island of Sylt


  • Sequence, an ordered list of elements, especially one of infinite length
  • Tuple, an ordered list of finite length
  • Multiset, a list/set of elements which can have multiplicity different than 1


  • Electoral list, a grouping of candidates
  • Listicle, an article in list format
  • Mailing list, collection of names and addresses to send material to multiple recipients
  • Shopping list, a list of things to buy
  • Task list, sometimes a to-do list, a prioritization strategy for time management


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  • List (abstract data type), sometimes called a sequence
  • Comma-separated values, sometimes character-separated values, a file type that stores tabular data in plain-text form
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  • List College, an undergraduate division of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America
  • SC Germania List, German rugby union club

Other uses[edit]

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  • List (watercraft), the leaning to either port or starboard of a ship
  • List, an alternative term for roll in flight dynamics
  • To list a building, etc., in the UK it means to designate it a listed building that may not be altered without permission
  • Lists (jousting), the barriers used to designate the tournament area where medieval knights jousted

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