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I and my friends were discussing racing games a few days back, again, and decided to play some while we waited for a friend to pick us up. This made me go look for some multiplayer games that can be played offline.

The problem is that all not all of them can be played offline. Looking for a good option wasted a lot of time.

So, I have created this handy list of hand-picked offline multiplayer racing games for Android.

1. Crazy Racing

This is a cool, action-packed game for those who like to pass time with friends battling it out for dear life. The premise is simple but fun. Choose your car, choose a route, and then race for your life or shoot down your opponent.

From director George Miller comes the fourth adventure in the Mad Max film series. In a post-apocalyptic world, Max (Hardy) teams up with a mysterious woman, Furiosa (Theron), to try and survive. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

Each car comes with its own powers and your objective is to destroy other cars on your way to the finish line. Collect and win coins to upgrade your car with more weapons.

Crazy Racing reminded me of my school days when 2D games were fun to play. You can create a server for your friends to join. The graphics are cartoonish in nature but suits the theme and overall feel of the game.

Crazy Racing is an offline racing game that is free to download but comes with ads and in-app purchases.

Download Mad Max Game For Android Phone Download

Download Crazy Racing

2. Hovercraft: Takedown

Ever wanted to be an automobile engineer? Hovercraft Takedown will let you explore your creative side by allowing you to build and customize your own cars, I mean, hovercrafts.

The storyline is simple. Bad guys have taken over the highways and you have to chase them away. There is plenty of action involved as you chase and fire your weapons at them. Once you have destroyed the enemy’s hovercraft, all their tokens and weapons are up for the loot.

The game is set in a far off dystopian world where there is no law and order. There is you, advanced weapons, and the highway. Sounds like Mad Max!

The animation effects are cool and watching cars explode and fall into bits and pieces is oddly satisfying. Hovercraft Takedown is an 8-bit multiplayer offline game that is free to download but comes with ads and in-app purchases, like all games in this genre do.

Hovercraft: Takedown
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3. Asphalt 8: Airborne

While the world anxiously awaits the arrival of Asphalt 9: Legends on the Play Store, you can burn rubber in Asphalt 8 which is still cool. No list of racing game is complete without this one, which is so popular that it has become a benchmark for mobile manufacturers to test and showcase their graphics during launch events.

Asphalt 8 is more suitable for high-end mobile devices that can handle 1.5GB of content and the graphics that comes with it. There are plenty of cars, that are a remake of their originals, to choose from with a number of tracks and modes.

Play with your friends to beat their time, upgrade your cars or buy new ones, and explore new tracks with hidden passageways. Airborne also have bikes but they are unlocked only after a certain level. So begin ASAP.

I am sure Asphalt 9 will also offer offline mode when it launches. Asphalt 8 is free to download and comes with in-app purchases and ads.

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne

4. Riptide GP: Renegade

The only multiplayer racing game for Android in the list that is for water sports enthusiasts. Instead of cars, you will be riding hydrojets to race against friends. There are some cool and crazy stunts to be performed.

You can split your screen, better suited for tablets, where you can compete with up to four players at a time. Your screen will be split into four parts so can see what others are doing in real time.

Riptide GP: Renegade offers a very different experience, bringing something new to the table. Hydrojet racing genre has very little options available and this is the only game that I would recommend to my readers who love water sports.

Download Riptide GP: Renegade

Download Mad Max Game For Android Phone Free

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5. Real Racing 3

No matter which offline multiplayer racing game you play, you always know it is not real. The graphics, the stunts, and the scenery can only take things so far. Real Racing quickly made a name for itself by offering graphics that looks like you are playing for real.

EA has created a true contender for the Asphalt series which was developed by Gameloft. A multiplayer offline racing game that comes with a lot of maps, modes, and cars to choose from. Not only the cars are a copy of their real world counterparts, as many as 17 tracks have been recreated too.

Download Mad Max Game For Android Phone

Real Racing 3 is free to download and comes with in-app purchases. The game is more suitable for high-end devices and will take about 1.5GB of space.

Download Real Racing 3

6. Angry Birds Go

It’s amazing how far Angry Birds franchise has come. Angry Birds Go is a departure from your usual racing games. The cars look cartoonish but the birds sitting behind the wheels are mean, angry and anything but funny!

It is a lot of fun, especially when you are chilling out with your friends on the couch. Most racing games bring out the competitive side of us, but Angry Birds Go will make you laugh and smile with its downhill maps and cool graphics.

The makeshift cars are built with scraps of wood and customized with nitro tanks. And as always, the expressions are funny as hell.

Angry Birds Go is free with ads and in-app purchases. Go, have a laugh with this one.

Download Angry Birds Go

You Owe Me a 10-Second Car

The racing car genre is a crowded one with quite a few games available in the Play Store. It is refreshing to see that developers are still able to find and deliver something new different every time.

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Mad Max apk identify other weapons You might UTILIZE to overcome your current enemies. “Thunderstick” can be a great explosive weapon which are fired with the torso of the enemy, blowing up casualties.

Harpoon can be utilized at the vehicle within him driving Chum. Max Magnum Opus could be joined while using chance associated with ramming vehicles AND ALSO weapons to destroy enemies as well as the strong V12 engine. Weapons such as mounted cannons AS WELL AS flamethrowers, is usually excess towards the opus magnum. In the event associated with coincident driving AND aiming from spot in slow motion AS WELL AS lets you press button between targets. Despite playing intended for a great third person perspective, players may change to be able to 1st individual viewpoint While your player can be while driving magnum opus, participating within conflict. Weapons AND armour can be offered to help customize your current game. a person will certainly prevent It from the addition connected with spikes Around the auto, whilst enemies occasionally leap in the the very top of an Magnum Opus to help burst. throughout the sport, allowing players to be able to customize That apk player provides UTILIZE of your garage display throughout Angry Maximum. Nevertheless, single portion of any modernization of your vehicle is going to have negative effect at excess facets. for example, Just in case your maximum engine upgrades to enable him to zero quicker will hinder your lead.

Mad Max apk

Mad Max apk with regard to Android would be to help make up caves, canyons, deserts AND ALSO wastelands left, pointing out The idea players WOn’t have the ability to be able to discover lakes as well as the plant life from the sport. But, the game world can be split directly into quite a few regions, each location features it is unique storyline IN ADDITION TO landscape. Ruins AS WELL AS superior monuments is usually observed within each area. Groups called history monuments with the sport is actually collected coming from players. all these are generally mainly notes AS WELL AS pictures in the wilds created prior on the apocalypse, enabling players to have a good superior penetration to the planet.

In Mad max apk uncommon components to its Magnum Opus is usually located there. Max will eat small animals such as rotting corpses ALONG WITH rodents of any worms in order to replenish your current quality involving life. ones nations around the world where they may then find delivers AND foodstuff Max crows fly. Dynamic weather process AND night out AND night cycle, IN ADDITION TO numerous risks on the surroundings, they’ll even become the portion of your sport.

Mad Max apk also can ride a good hot air balloon, which are forever connected on the property, to help seek nations IN ADDITION TO new goals.

Mad Max apk numerous options get in the sport, like either quiet or playing sharply. Max may take directions by Chum About it In the same way That could finish it is strategic goals.

Free download Mad Max apk

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