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One Piece Ultimate Fight 1.7 Author: 4399 - 1 516 467 plays. Version 1.7 of One Piece Ultimate Fight adds even more to the content of the ultimate combat game. The new characters are Brook, the musician from Luffy’s crew, and Eneru the 'God' of Skypiea. Chopper appears as a support character and Whitebeard and Ace are now hidden characters.

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One Fight Ultimate Battle is a 2D fighting game where you can control different characters from the manga/anime One Piece. Lufi, Zoro, Nami, and Sanji are four of the six characters that you can bring into combat.
There are three different scenes where you can fight against the game's AI. In story mode, you'll play through a series of back-to-back fights where you need to defeat the rest of the characters one by one.
One Fight Ultimate Battle's controls are pretty simple, thanks to the correct separation of the virtual buttons. As you might expect, you can use various types of normal and special attacks, including some of the characteristic powers that you've seen on the animated series.
One Fight Ultimate Battle is a fun 2D fighting game that uses a charming, pixelated style similar to Nintendo DS games from the same franchise. It's a real delight for any fans of One Piece.
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Download Game One Piece Ultimate Fight 175

The updates of One Piece Hot Fight are occurring at breakneck speed and this time two new characters join the team of Straw Hat Luffy. New characters include Jinbe, the whale shark fishman known as the 'Knight of the Sea', as well as Bartholomew Kuma, the giant cyborg and one of the seven Shichibukai. A great and fast-paced fighting game that now offers 15 different characters.
A/D: Left / Right
AA/DD: Dash
S: Defense
J: Attack
K: Jump
L: Melee attack
U/I: Skill
O: Super skill