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Ninja Gaiden II - The Dark Sword of Chaos

Release date:Apr 6th, 1990

Console:Nintendo NES (NSF)

Ripped by:TNSe^1999, Ugetab

Tagged by:Kagerato, Hayamaru

1.Approaching Evil [Opening]1:33Download
2.Motion of the Ninja [1-1 7-2 Interlude]3:00Download
3.Minions of Evil [Boss Battle]3:00Download
4.Military Man [Robert Cutscene]3:00Download
5.Lurking Creatures [Cutscene]3:00Download
6.( Transition ) - Time is Critical0:11Download
7.Rushing Foward [2-1 5-2 7-2]3:00Download
8.Battling Precariously [2-2 4-2 5-1a 7-2]3:00Download
9.Mysterious Foes [Cutscenes]3:00Download
10.Determined Spirit [Tower Rises]0:23Download
11.Domination of Darkness [3-1]3:00Download
12.Tower of Lahja [3-2 7-2]3:00Download
13.Tearful Reunion [Rescue Cutscenes]3:00Download
14.Lord of Darkness [Ashtar Cutscenes]3:00Download
15.Cruel Laughter [Pre-Maze Cutscene]3:00Download
16.( Transition ) - Impending Doom0:07Download
17.Blazing Inferno [4-1]3:00Download
18.Puppetmaster [Cutscenes]3:00Download
19.Deep Within the Heart [5-1b 7-1]3:00Download
20.Cunning Enemy [Ashtar Jaquio Battles]3:00Download
21.( Transition ) - They Got Irene0:04Download
22.Final Confrontation [Ryu vs Jaquio]0:28Download
23.Inevitable [Unused; Final Boss Battle]3:00Download
24.Triumphant [Ending I]0:26Download
25.Irene Lives [Ending II]1:29Download
27.Track 273:00Download
28.Track 283:00Download
29.Track 293:00Download
30.Track 300:40Download
31.Track 313:00Download
32.Track 323:00Download
33.Track 333:00Download
SFX 10:02Download
SFX 20:03Download
SFX 30:04Download
SFX 40:02Download
SFX 50:02Download
SFX 60:01Download
SFX 70:01Download
SFX 80:01Download
SFX 90:01Download
SFX 100:02Download
SFX 110:02Download
SFX 120:02Download
SFX 130:01Download
SFX 140:01Download
SFX 150:02Download
SFX 160:02Download
SFX 170:01Download
SFX 180:01Download
SFX 190:02Download
SFX 200:02Download
SFX 210:01Download
SFX 220:04Download
SFX 230:04Download
SFX 240:02Download
SFX 250:05Download
SFX 260:02Download
SFX 270:02Download
SFX 280:01Download
SFX 290:01Download
SFX 300:05Download
SFX 310:04Download
SFX 320:03Download
SFX 330:01Download
SFX 340:02Download
SFX 350:01Download
SFX 360:02Download
SFX 370:02Download
SFX 380:02Download
SFX 390:02Download
SFX 400:02Download
SFX 410:02Download
SFX 420:03Download
SFX 430:02Download
SFX 440:01Download
SFX 450:02Download
SFX 460:02Download
SFX 470:01Download
SFX 480:01Download
SFX 490:01Download
SFX 500:01Download
SFX 510:01Download

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