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CATV Design-Build. TrueNet Communications was chosen by Cox Communications to design and program manage its network upgrade from 750 MHz to 1.0 GHz in the states of Kansas and Arkansas.

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I will be putting more formal information on the site in a few days. Before I do that, I'd like to get a few people to download and test a preliminary installation. I've tested this on my own machines and positive it is safe, but the usual caveats for free software apply: I can't be responsible loss of data or property if it causes your pc to crumble into bits, spontaneously ignite and/or explode, burn down your house, etc. It is completely free of virus/spyware/malware and those sorts of things. It is basically the code I wrote for a CADD system over a decade ago with only very minor tweaks to let it run on newer Windows.

This is the installer:
After installation, one more step will be required to make it run on Vista/Win7: Open the folder where it was installed (by default C:Program FilesCableToolsFusion) and right-click the application (CFUSION) then select 'Run as administrator'. That only has to be done the first time so the program can register in the system properly. After that it can be opened from the Start menu.
When the program opens and Startup Options appears, click on the 'New' tab, check the 'Copy configurations and spectrums from project' box, then click the Open button. This will create a blank project using the sample specs.
A window named 'Segment1' should be open in the editor. Just start typing numbers. A number 1-8 will be assumed as a tap and any larger a cable span.Cable tv design software
There is a better starter tutorial in the help file.
I will hone out whatever problems there are for the new Windows like the 'run as administrator' thing, probably slap a few banners in, and maybe dedicate a subscribed forum here to it, but other than that I don't have any immediate plans to significantly enhance it. We'll see.

Security Camera Placement Software