Android Emulator For 512mb Ram Pc Download Free

Android Emulator For 512mb Ram Pc Download Free Pc And the good about YouWave is that it doesn’t require high-end configuration. So, you can run this emulator on most PC but don’t expect much performance from this emulator.

Are you struggling to use Android applications right from your computer or laptop? It is possible and really simple to do. In this comprehensive article, I will share some of the best Android emulators, which will surely be compatible with your computer and drop a seamless Android experience to you.

There are millions of exciting and helpful Android apps that you do not want to miss experiencing on a big screen (computer OR laptop) All you have to do is install an Android emulator on your computer.

  1. Android Emulator For Windows 7 32 Bit 1Gb Ram Free Download. I did installed bluestacks on the computer but will be same if you install on a laptop. Already two posts related to how to install android on pc laptop or computer with various applications such as,youwave.
  2. Now go back to the folder where you installed Android SDK Manager and double-click on “ADV Manager.exe”. How To Start Android N Emulator. There is a “Create” button on the right side. Create a new Android Virtual Device. You can select the device model, the amount of storage, RAM and more. Then click on OK. Now you will see.
An emulator will convert your Android programs into computer files and allow you to access a mini-mobile on your machine. The problem is that some of them can be quite heavy and perhaps less powerful computers cannot run them. You may also like to check these best iOS emulators for PC.

However, the experience is mostly influenced by the type of graphics card your machine has and also the weight of RAM integrated with the device. Apart from the specifications of your computer, the emulator also plays a vital role in enhancing the user experience.

If you are searching for a reliable Android emulator, then you are fortunately at the right place on the internet, as this article will comprehensively describe some of the best Android emulators for Windows PC.

Also, I will share some minor but practical tips regarding the subject that will undoubtedly improve your Android emulating experience. Also, check these best sites like Putlocker.

Before we begin with the main subject, have a look at these essential points:

  • This is an unbiased article, and the developers did not sponsor this post to mention their software.
  • You should not expect high-quality emulating experience if you do not own a Windows PC with good specs.
  • If you want to experience lag-free gaming, I will advise you to lower down the resolution.

What Is an Android Emulator?

An Android emulator is a program that serves to simulate the experience of running Google’s mobile operating system (Android), or applications made for it, within a computer system for several operating systems.

In this article, we will only focus on Android emulators for Windows PC.

10 Best Android Emulators For PC (Windows 10, 8, 7) in 2021

It is not difficult to find an Android emulator as there are thousands of software out there on the internet promising lag-free and smooth emulating the experience. But most of them are extremely slow or cannot run more than 2 or 3 applications. Below here is the list of the best android emulators for PC that won’t disappoint you.

#1. Nox Player – Android Emulator

One of the best and lightest we can find in 2021 is NoxPlayer. It is developed with the main focus on running Android games directly from the PC, and it is practical and easy to install. Apart from being practical, Nox Player offers an excellent user-friendly interface, which is absolutely a treat for speedsters.

Its graphics engine is one of the most powerful, and besides, it offers several control options that can be configured to use with your keyboard and mouse. However, Nox Player won’t work for you if you do not have even the basic graphic card in your computer machine. Apart from this, it is a fantastic emulator to project your favorite Android applications. Also, check these sites like Rainierland.

#2. MEmu Android Emulator

MEmu also popular as MEmu Play is another cool Android emulator for PC, which will change all the negative thoughts you have in your mind about emulators. It has the advantage of being able to run more than one game at a time in separate windows. In addition, Memu allows its users to configure the controls with mouse and keyboard perfectly or even through joysticks.

Among the emulators listed in this article, this one is considerably lighter and requires less processing from your computer. But if you are going to emulate some high-graphics Android gaming, then you will need a good graphics card for your laptop. If you haven’t installed any Android emulator yet, then I will recommend trying Memu for once. You may also like to visit YesMovies Proxy.

#3. BlueStacks Android Emulator

BlueStacks was founded in 2011, and its initial focus was to be able to emulate Android games directly on the computer. It is considered one of the best Android emulators for Windows PC. With BlueStacks, you will be able to actually access all Google Play apps and games without any technical hassles. Although it is accessible and rated as the best emulator, I witnessed a little lag in it while playing the high-graphics game.

Apart from all this, Its installation process is straightforward and intuitive, which means you do not have to do complicated tasks to make it work. BlueStacks is also the right choice for playing online games on Android. It also lets you download apps straight from the store to your PC, and supports both Windows and Mac OS. I believe that BlueStacks will not disappoint you if you have a good graphics card in your system.

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#4. Bliss OS PC Android Emulator

Bliss OS is another wise choice for an Android emulator for Windows PC. It is an excellent choice to play android multiplayer games on the computer. Bliss OS’s focus is precisely on delivering a lag-free experience on the major online mobile games. In addition to running these games, Bliss OS also lets you emulate controls for Android so you can choose any of the controls you already use on Steam games.

The best thing about Bliss OS is that it is entirely free. You might see some ads, but they won’t ruin your gaming experience. If you are searching for something light and simple, then Bliss OS is the stop where your search ends.

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#5. Genymotion Android Emulator For Windows

Genymotion is a powerful emulator capable of running Android applications and has some other functions. You can also use Genymotion Cloud directly in the Cloud without having to download it to your computer. It is also widely used by developers looking to test their applications because it has almost all the functionality of an Android device.

So if you’re looking to build and test your own Android apps, it’s worth checking out. Genymotion is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Genymotion is a premium Android emulator, which means It is not free, but it offers a free trial for new users. Also, Genymotion is really simple, and unlike most of the emulators, it does not have glitches or bugs. I advise you to at least try the free trial version as it will positively influence your decision. You might also like to check these best Xbox one emulators.

Download Here

#6. Android Studio Emulator For PC

Android Studio is not just an android emulator, but a lot more than that, it is Google approved Android development IDE. Android application developers mainly use it because they need to test before launching their programs; it has a built-in simulator. Not precisely focused on emulating games, but solely on testing application performance on your computer using all the tools available on an Android smartphone.

It asks for a bit more computer processing, but it’s still a great Android PC emulator. Although the interface is a little complex for non-developers, Android Studio can run many applications from the Google system on Windows; therefore, it is a powerful Android PC emulator. So I will recommend you to have a look at this beast Android emulator for your Windows PC. Also, check: How to turn on fingerprint lock on Whatsapp?

Download Click here

#7. Remix OS PC Emulator

Remix OS is a fantastic Android emulator which is different from all the others emulator as it offers a little different picture of what you experience on your Android smartphone. It is super fast with everything you need in an emulator. Remix offers you a sub-window where you can perform all your Android activities.

Also, it allows you to open multiple windows (Games/Apps) without letting ruining your user-experience. If you are confused between so many matching options and want to try something different, then Remix OS is the emulator you should try out. You may also like to check these best sites like Coke and Popcorn.

Android Emulator For 512mb Ram Pc Download Free Latest

#8. Gameloop Android Emulator

Android Emulator For 512mb Ram Pc download free. full

Android Emulator For 512mb Ram Pc Download Free

The main subject to install an Android emulator is to play games, and if you are a true game freak, then Tencent Gaming Buddy (also known as GameLoop) is a special treasure for you.

The Gaming Buddy only offers you to play games and can run even high-graphics games on your PC without any lag or glitch. It is optimized for even low-end machines with not so pro specifications in it. If your purpose for installing an Android emulator is just gaming, then Gaming Buddy is a wise choice for you.

Also, do not get perturbed by the name Tencent, as this emulator can run any Android game just by installing the apk plus OBB file of that particular game. Also, check these best anime streaming sites.

#9. Andyroid – Windows PC Android Emulator

Andyroid is another popular Android emulator as it offers a user-friendly interface. Besides being a powerful Android emulator, it has several additional features. With it, you can directly sync the application with your smartphone and use your Android smartphone directly on your computer. Andy is compatible with even low-end Windows PC and Mac OS, which makes it covers a wide range of audience.

Android also enables you to play high graphics Android games without any lag. Apart from hassle-less gaming, you can use applications like Facebook, snap chat, WhatsApp, etc.on it. Andyroid is a complete Android emulator, which will satisfy all your emulating needs. You may also like to download Pokemon GO Apk.

#10. ARChon Android Emulator

Last but surely not the least, ARChon is a solution aimed more at developers building applications for Chrome OS. ARChon is not an android emulator but an extension that allows you to download and run android files (apk) in no time.

It is complex to use and run android games on it as one will need to convert the files in order to make it compatible with ARChon. Apart from the complicated stuff, it is only preferred by pro-tech geeks who are comfortable with the technical struggle. If you want something simple and less complicated, then I will advise you not to go for this one. Also, check these best games like Skyrim.

The Bottom Line (Android Emulators For PC)

There is nothing better than playing your favorite android games on big screen and thanks to the developers of these Android emulators, which made it possible. I would again remind you that no emulator can help you play high-graphics gaming if you do not have the required specs in your system (computer/laptop).

This article consists of some of the best android emulators for Windows PC, and I believe that all your doubts and queries are cleared after reading this comprehensive guide. But if you have any more questions regarding the subject, then please feel free to make a comment below, and I will respond with the best possible answer in no time.

Did you use any of the emulators listed in this article? Please share your experience.

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So, you were trying to figure out how to run an android application on pc and came across android emulators. If you are a gamer and you are looking android emulators for low end pc. If you are a developer looking for an emulator for you to work best with. We have it all.

We have included the link’s for you to download the emulator that is best for your needs.

Android Emulators For Low End Pc

These emulators are for all types of users. From gamers to application developers or testers, we have listed it all. Some of them are not free, but most of them are free. They all have a good performance and can also handle most of the applications easily.

Let’s start with our list of best android emulators for low end pc.

Nox Player

Nox player is one of the best Android emulators available to us right now. It is somewhat like the Bluestacks with some extra features in it. Nox is an android emulator for PC that gamers would love to use. Its special features allow users to have control over games using keyboard & mouse. It also simulates the gestures when playing games on the phone, using mouse & keyboard. The most amazing feature it has is, that it allows users to assign controls to some extent, for which gamers would be really thankful.

MEmu Player

Memu is a great Android emulator for low end PC. This emulator allows users to access advanced options. It comes with a root function along with a toolbar. Also supports keyboard, mouse and a gamepad for gaming. This android emulator gives good performance in games, so if you are looking for gaming it would be a nice option for you. They have a unique feature named multiple instances, with it you can run more than one game side by side on the same account or same game with multiple accounts.


Android Emulator For 512mb Ram Pc Download Free

Bluestacks is fast and stable. There are many features in it & keep on adding more with time. When it comes to android emulators for PC, it is the most famous. Many people know about Bluestacks or must have heard its name at least once while searching for an android emulator. With Google Play Store App installed in it, users can download anything easily. You can even live stream games on Facebook or anywhere you want in it. Full-screen mode is also available in Bluestacks.

Bluestacks can give a good performance but it does require some configuration to set it up to give better performance. On some systems, it works well. But if you have tried Bluestacks and it didn’t work well on your system then you should try NOX Player.

Andy Os

This emulator gets the job done. It simulates various aspects of Android in its Pc android emulator software. Andy OS simulates basic aspects of the Android system like the launcher. You can play games on it, as it can handle applications that require high performance. Users even the ability to set up root access, if they want. It can run on a Pc as well as Mac. Andy also provides seamless sync between desktop and mobile devices.


Genymotion is a really great emulator for developers, who wish to test their applications on various devices without installing many emulators. Using Genymotion a user can configure the emulator according to their needs. Users can select the type of device and the Android version while configuring the emulator. It adapts itself according to the type of device and the android version on it. You can still run games on it. But this is an emulator, developers would like more. Thus landing on our list of best android emulators for low end pc.

Ko Player

Ko Player is simple and easy to use android emulator. They give their users the ability to simulate a gaming console on a keyboard using their mapping feature. Their main audience is gamers, this emulator gave users the option to record their game and upload gameplay on Youtube or any other video sharing site.

Android Droid4X

Droid 4x is an emulator that could be run on almost most of the Pc with moderate configuration. You can install games on it externally and it also does not require any additional software to run. This emulator is lightweight and easy to use. Their user interface gets better and better with time. It also supports a screen zoom feature and for gamers, it allows them to record while gaming.

Jar Of Beans

Jar Of Beans does not require any installation. Just download and run the program. It can handle heavy games and applications easily. This emulator supports hardware acceleration manager which improves its overall performance. Its original interface can be a little tricky to use but once it’s switched to the Android interface, it will be easy to use.

Android Emulator For 512mb Ram Pc Download Free Windows 10

Remix OS Player

This is an android emulator that runs Android Marshmallow. Currently, it supports only INTEL processors., but it does work on some AMD processors. Installing this is really easy and also its simple to use. It gives the users many options to configure & customize their gaming experience.


AMIDuOS works really smoothly. They have a free trial and comes in two versions Lollipop and Jelly Bean costing around $10 & $15 respectively. It can handle most of the games & run it smoothly. AMIDuOS has good features and performance. But is not much preferred by application developers.

Android Emulator For 512mb Ram Pc Download Free Windows 7

If you are a student, you might want to take a look at these useful apps.


There are many emulators for you to choose from. Most of these android emulators for low end pc will be best for you if you just want to game. You can choose any emulator you want according to your need. We have listed emulators that are good for gaming & also that will be useful for developers.