Adobe Zii 2020 5.1.8 Crack

What is Adobe Zii 2020 – Adobe Zii Patcher 2020? What is this ZII? And how far it is going to help me with Adobe? Yeah, I had this same set of questions before using this patcher for Adobe. In that aspect, Adobe is basically a paid application which is needed to be supported with subscriptions and stay activated in your device. This application Adobe, being professional it’s hard for some other application to substitute.

But to what extent will things meet expectations? And how far will I keep paying for each additional software I require. Such a tiring and money-wasting process. And when it is Mac, there requires a special application, and everything different.

Adobe Zii 5.2.3 CC 2020 Universal Patcher Crack Mac Latest Adobe Zii Crack is a device for implementing Adobe products for Mac OS. This is an alternative to the most popular activator called AMTEmu 2020, invented by Russian developer PainteR. Step 4: Once the installation is complete. Download, install and apply the Adobe Zii crack on the Adobe Lightroom CC version you just installed. We talk about it here. Step 5: That’s it. Older versions Adobe Lightroom CC crack – Adobe Lightroom CC 2018 – Adobe Lightroom CC 2017 – Adobe Lightroom CC 2016 – Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.

In that case, to activate Adobe Software programs and Mac OS X analysis, they required a support application to cut down the subscription process. Moreover to support the Adobe CC version and Mac OS X, the other latest version like Mac OS X 10.8, Adobe CC2015, CC2016, CC2017, CC2018, CC2019, CC2020.

Adobe Zii 2021 is a small and great utility which helps you forget about all issues with the registration of all Adobe existing products. Adobe Prelude 2020 v9.0.1. I try using Zii 5.0.9 to crack Photoshop 2020 21.0.2 but when I try opening photoshop after running Zii it, it just bounces once and closes.

Adobe Zii 2020 5.1.8 Cracked

To support this software, came the new application Adobe ZII – the patcher to make the process simple and easy to activate in any of your devices.


Adobe zii 2020 5.1.8 cracked
  • 4 How to Set up and Installation Guide for Adobe ZII Patcher
    • 4.5 Pros and Cons

What is Adobe ZII

The Adobe ZII, being more familiar for the name Patcher and adobe activator is a beneficial tool to activate your Adobe CC version, it’s been built as an application for easy access to the users. This application was developed by the team TNT from Russia, to support the users who can’t afford to access the licensed version of Adobe CC which is activated through paid subscriptions.

The Adobe ZII patcher is absolutely free, and there are no subscription charges for this application. Which is totally different from that of the adobe, which you have to pay to access.

Features of Adobe ZII Patcher

This part of the content is going to deal with the features of the Adobe ZII Patcher to get a detailed and better understanding of the app. This would help the user to have a wider idea of how the application works. Here we go.

  1. Auto Detection – the tool has an automatic feature to detect the program and version. With that, simply by opening the Adobe Zii application and from there it’s easy to just Drag and Drop the version directly, and that patches it easily.
  2. Free activation – this application is completely free that activates its support application free and provides lifetime activation of its sources.
  3. Supports Mac OS X – the application supports Mac OS X and other recent versions. This is more compatible that this application supports in all the operating systems.
  4. Automatic patch – there is no requirement for a manual patching system, the application enables to patch automatically. And additionally, there is a Manual option to set up as-well. The ZII is famous for its manual patch option.
  5. Secured –the patcher prevents form other malicious viruses and threats which is completely virus free and safe to use. To access this, get the Zii 100%virus-proof tool.
  6. Updated – the application is completely updated and this feature is expected by mostly all the users. By updating this tool, the TNT team is aiming at adding the recent Adobe version to its current product software.

Why Adobe ZII patcher?

To experience a stress-free user surface, which is trustable and blocks Adobe services is the Adobe ZII Patcher. As the account runs on subscription, the creative cloud is helpful and essentials. The users here, need not give any manual instructions or setup. It’s automated. In the case of installing the application in other devices except for MAC, there you could experience the full-fledged application.

How to Set up and Installation Guide for Adobe ZII Patcher

Adobe Zii 2020 5.1.8 Crack

From the complicated process, we have minimized the pressure and brought to the most -simple way to install and set up the Adobe Zii Patcher in your device.

To start with, first, disable Gatekeeper #4. Check for connectivity and install any Adobe product or Adobe CC for the trial options. While using your PC or any other device, never forget to close the Adobe programs behind.

With this, all done initially,

  1. Launch the Adobe ZII Mac, latest version.
  2. Now with the easy method of drag and drop, click on the “Adobe Zii Patcher or DRG” button to scan and patch the software accessible to Adobe in your Mac.
  3. At the end of the process, your Adobe ZII patcher gets activated and you get access to all the other Adobe applications.

How to Update the cracked Software Programs

Once you complete the testing process and cracking the LR and AU, they should appear in the pop-up window and shut the window once you see them appear.

With that, follow up these notes carefully.

  1. In the entire process, you need an administrative password.
  2. As the Drag and Drop method is used, the Adobe software program installed in the directory is different from the application.
  3. Not to patch the already subscribed Adobe apps.
  4. In case after the trial period, when the application doesn’t work, the Creative could interface solves these issues form the patcher.
  5. Applications>>Utilities – this command helps in assisting with the trial version.

Few Supported Product Updates of Adobezii 2020

  • ADOBE ACROBAT DC V19.021.20047 – 20.009.20067
  • ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS 2020 V17.0 – 17.1.1
  • ADOBE ANIMATE 2020 V20.0 – 20.0.5
  • ADOBE AUDITION 2020 V13.0 – 13.0.7
  • ADOBE BRIDGE 2020 V10.0 – 10.1
  • ADOBE CHARACTER ANIMATOR 2020 V3.0 – 3.3.1
  • ADOBE DIMENSION V3.0 – 3.3
  • ADOBE DREAMWEAVER 2020 V20.0 – 20.2
  • ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR 2020 V24.0 – 24.2
  • ADOBE INCOPY 2020 V15.0 – 15.1
  • ADOBE INDESIGN 2020 V15.0 – 15.1
  • ADOBE MEDIA ENCODER 2020 V14.0 – 14.3
  • ADOBE PHOTOSHOP 2020 V21.0 – 21.2
  • ADOBE PRELUDE 2020 V9.0
  • ADOBE PREMIERE PRO 2020 V14.0 – 14.3
  • ADOBE PREMIERE RUSH V1.2.12 – 1.5.16
  • ADOBE XD V24.0 – 30.0.12

How to Confirm your Adobe application is activated or not?

There is this common question on how to know if your Adobe application is activated or not? We are here to give an answer for that, so despite the presence of Trail and expiry notifications, you can simply get to know the status of your Adobe application by clicking on the App interface >> Help K’ed by TNT Tem. The status of your application appears there.

But what if your status is pending or unsuccessful? There are a few common errors that one would do in the process. Encounter them and rectify it with its needful.

Few Common Errors and Solutions

The first common error would be the Adobe ZII 2020 5.1.8 is unable to open. In that case, you need to check from where you got the app. When it’s from an unauthorized source the file stays unable to use. To not face these issues, and to stay secured, make sure you download the file from an authorized source.

The second common issue would be a non-matched version of the Adobe app with that of the supported features version. To fix it, check if the entire Adobe Zii version is supported and activated. Or check for the “support list” and download features suitable to your Adobe version.

When you get “cannot verify subscription” after patching successfully. For that, you got to check if the Zii you use is supported by Adobe. If that is not the problem. The only alternative way is to delete the entire process of installation and clean the caches and cookies and try the process again.

Pros and Cons

Let’s analyze the Pros and Cons of the Adobe ZII tool to get a much briefer view on the topic.


  • The user enjoys the drag and drop method for activation.
  • The application doesn’t hold much of storage benefiting the memory consumption.
  • The Adobe ZII patcher supports all Adobe products.

Adobe Zii 2020 5.1.8 Crack Download


  • This application causes privacy issues where your data are leaked. Steals sensitive information.
  • Issues of not functioning properly.

Final Verdict of Adobe Zii

This Adobe ZII patcher is totally free and freer from viruses keep the data secured and more importantly makes the process of patching the software with Adobe. This application anti-ban. Globally there are plenty of users of Adobe and its featured software for their life, it’s not fair on spending for each update and add on. And to ease this, the Adobe ZII patcher is introduced. And it’s doing big things at a low cost, moreover no subscription fees at all.

Hope this content benefited you and stayed informative. Try out this Adobe Zii to make adobe files more accessible and get ease through it. To all the MAC users, this tool is completely very helpful and promising in its behavior.

Adobe Zii 2020 Latest Version 100% Working

Adobe Zii for Mac is the perfect and best tool to get any Adobe software to activate in seconds by just one single click. Here We Represent the Best and Self tested File Only. After Trying the All Fake Latest Version Present on Internet the Only Zii Patcher 5.1.5 is perfectly working. So, Be Aware of Fraud Latest Version Providers Which May damage Your PC or Mac.

Adobe Zii 2020 5.1.8 Crack Xforce

Hello, The Mac People You Can Download the Latest Adobe Zii Tested Version From our personal file hosting website From Below Link. By help Of Adobe Zii 2020, You Can Use Genuine Official Versions of Adobe CC For Free.

Adobe Zii Patcher and AMTemu – are they safe to use?

Yes 100% safe. If you use our website link.

Newly Added:

  • Adobe After Effects 2020 v17.0.2
  • Adobe Media Encoder 2020 v14.0.1
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 v14.0.1

Adobe Zii Patcher ( Working Link )
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Supported Products That We Tested:

  • Adobe Acrobat DC v19.021.20047 – 19.021.20061
  • Adobe After Effects 2020 v17.0 – 17.0.2
  • Adobe Animate 2020 v20.0 – 20.0.1
  • Adobe Audition 2020 v13.0 – 13.0.3
  • Adobe Bridge 2020 v10.0 – 10.0.2
  • Adobe Character Animator 2020 v3.0 – 3.1
  • Adobe Dimension v3.0 – 3.1
  • Adobe Dreamweaver 2020 v20.0
  • Adobe Illustrator 2020 v24.0 – 24.0.2
  • Adobe InCopy 2020 v15.0 – 15.0.1
  • Adobe InDesign 2020 v15.0 – 15.0.1
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic v9.0 – 9.1
  • Adobe Media Encoder 2020 v14.0 – 14.0.1
  • Adobe Photoshop 2020 v21.0 – 21.0.2
  • Adobe Prelude 2020 v9.0
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 v14.0 – 14.0.1
  • Adobe Premiere Rush CC v1.2.12
  • Adobe XD v24.0 – 25.2
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 – 2020.1
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 – 2020.1

Support OS:

  • Mac Platform: Intel
  • OS version: 10.11 or later 64-bit
  • Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

How to use?

  • Go to Adobe’s site and Download Creative Cloud (and create an account).
  • Install the Creative Cloud App.
  • Use the Creative Cloud App to download the trial for any Adobe software you need.
  • Close Creative Cloud App.
  • Run the CC2020 patch on the Apps you need to patch.
  • Now you can use your apps.

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