Adobe Camera Raw 10.3

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Refer to this table to check the Adobe applications that are compatible with the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in. You can view the Camera Raw version that is included with each application and the latest supported Camera Raw version.

Adobe applicationShipped with Camera Raw plug-in versionCompatible with Camera Raw
plug-in through version
After Effects 18.013.0Latest Camera Raw version
After Effects CC 201911.012.4
After Effects CC 201810.012.4
After Effects CC 20179.89.10
After Effects CC 20159.09.7
After Effects CC 20148.58.7.1
After Effects CC8.08.7.1
After Effects CS67.08.7.1 (See Note 5)
After Effects CS56.06.7
After Effects CS45.05.7
After Effects CS34.04.6
After Effects 73.23.2 (See Note 2)
Adobe Bridge 11.013.0Latest Camera Raw version
Adobe Bridge CC 201911.012.4
Adobe Bridge CC 201810.0
Adobe Bridge CC 20179.89.10
Adobe Bridge CC 20159.69.10
Adobe Bridge CC8.09.10
Adobe Bridge CS67.08.7.1 (See Note 5)
Adobe Bridge CS56.06.7
Adobe Bridge CS45.05.7
Adobe Bridge CS34.04.6 (See Note 3)
Adobe Bridge CS23.03.7
Photoshop desktop 22.013.0Latest Camera Raw version
Photoshop CC 201911.012.4
Photoshop CC 201810.012.4
Photoshop CC 20179.89.10
Photoshop CC 2015.59.69.10
Photoshop CC 20159.09.10
Photoshop CC 20148.59.10
Photoshop CC8.09.10
Photoshop CS67.09.1.1 (See Note 5 and Note 6)
Photoshop CS56.06.7
Photoshop CS45.05.7
Photoshop CS34.04.6
Photoshop CS23.03.7
Photoshop CS 2.02.4
Photoshop 71.01.0
Photoshop Elements 202112.313.0
Photoshop Elements 2020 11.312.0
Photoshop Elements 2019 10.411.4
Photoshop Elements 2018 9.1210.3
Photoshop Elements 159.69.10
Photoshop Elements 149.09.5
Photoshop Elements 138.69.0
Photoshop Elements 128.18.5 (See Note 5)
Photoshop Elements 117.17.4
Photoshop Elements
Photoshop Elements 96.16.5
Photoshop Elements 85.56.2
Photoshop Elements 7 (Windows)4.55.6
Photoshop Elements 6 (Mac OS)4.35.6
Photoshop Elements 6 (Windows)4.25.6
Photoshop Elements 5 (Windows)3.54.6
Photoshop Elements 4.0.1 (Mac OS)3.34.6 (See Note 4)
Photoshop Elements 4 (Windows)3.23.7
Photoshop Elements 32.33.6
Adobe Premiere Elements 202112.313.0
Adobe Premiere Elements 202011.312.0
Adobe Premiere Elements 201910.411.4
Adobe Premiere Elements 20189.1210.3
Adobe Premiere Elements 159.69.10
Adobe Premiere Elements 149.09.5
Adobe Premiere Elements 138.69.0
Adobe Premiere Elements
Adobe Premiere Elements 128.18.5 (See Note 5)
Adobe Premiere Elements 117.17.4
Adobe Premiere Elements
Adobe Premiere Elements 96.16.5
Adobe Premiere Elements 85.56.2
Adobe Premiere Elements 74.55.6
Adobe Premiere Elements 4 4.25.6 (See Note 1)
Adobe Premiere Elements 33.54.6 (See Note 1)

Note 1: For any version of Adobe Premiere Elements, you can import supported digital camera raw images but you cannot access the Camera Raw dialog box.

Note 2: After Effects 7 includes version of the Camera Raw plug-in, which was designed solely for use with After Effects 7. You cannot update the Camera Raw plug-in for After Effects 7.

Note 3: When you install Adobe Bridge CS3 as part of Photoshop Elements 6 on Mac OS, Adobe Bridge supports Camera Raw through version 5.5. For more information, see Use Camera Raw 5.x with Photoshop Elements 6 when you also have Photoshop CS3 installed (Mac OS).

Note 4: If you are using Mac OS 10.3.x, then Camera Raw 4.1 is the latest version that you can install for Photoshop Elements 4.0.1. For more information, see Error 'not enough memory' when you open a camera raw file in Photoshop Elements 4.0.1 (Mac OS 10.3).

Note 5: If you are using Mac OS 10.6, Windows XP, or Windows Vista, Adobe Camera Raw 8.4 and later is not compatible. You can use up to Camera Raw 8.3.

Note 6: Adobe Camera Raw will no longer be updated for Photoshop CS6 after version 9.1.1. See: Update to camera support policy in CS6

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The public archival format for digital camera raw data

Raw file formats are popular in digital photography workflows because they offer greater creative control. However, cameras can use many different raw formats, the specifications for which are not publicly available. This means that not every raw file can be read by a variety of software applications. As a result, the use of these proprietary raw files as a long-term archival solution carries risk and sharing these files across complex workflows is challenging.

Digital Negative (DNG) is a publicly available archival format for raw files which are generated by various digital cameras. This addresses the lack of an open standard for raw files created by individual camera models and ensures that photographers easily access their files.

Hundreds of software manufacturers such as Apple and Google have developed support for DNG. And respected camera manufacturers such as Leica, Casio, Ricoh, Samsung, and Pentax have introduced cameras that provide direct DNG support. To learn more, see Camera Raw.

In addition to the Digital Negative Specification, Adobe provides the free Adobe DNG Converter (Windows Mac OS), which easily translates raw files from many of today's popular cameras. Software developers and manufacturers can download the complete DNG Specification (PDF, 742 KB). DNG is supported by the following software versions: Photoshop CS to Photoshop, Photoshop Elements 3 to Photoshop Elements 12, and all versions of Lightroom.

For photographers:

  • DNG format helps promote archival confidence, since digital imaging software solutions will be able to open raw files more easily in the future.
  • A single raw processing solution enables a more efficient workflow when handling raw files from multiple camera models and manufacturers.
  • A publicly documented and readily available specification can be easily adopted by camera manufacturers and updated to accommodate technology changes.

For hardware and software manufacturers:

  • DNG removes a potential barrier to new camera adoption, since raw files from new models will be immediately supported by Photoshop and other applications.
  • The DNG format allows R&D savings by reducing the need to develop new formats and by simplifying camera testing.
  • A common format allows greater control over the quality of conversions by third-party applications.
  • The specification allows the addition of private metadata to DNG files, enabling differentiation.

The Profiles SDK provides resources for creating enhanced profiles introduced in Lightroom Classic CC 7.3, Lightroom CC 1.3, and Camera Raw 10.3.

Download the specification, which describes a nonproprietary file format for storing camera raw files that can be used by a wide range of hardware and software vendors.

The DNG SDK provides support for reading and writing DNG files as well as for converting DNG data to a format that is easily displayed or processed by imaging applications. This SDK can serve as a starting point for the addition of DNG support to existing applications that use and manipulate images or as an aid to the inclusion of DNG support within cameras. Download: Mac, Win

The DNG Profile Editor is a free software utility for creating or editing camera profiles.

Read more (PDF, 3.93 MB)
Download: Mac, Win

Adobe Camera Raw 10.3 For Mac

(Valid for Adobe DNG Converter 5.4 and later)

Adobe® Lens Profile Creator is a free utility that enables the easy creation of lens profiles for use in the Photoshop family of products, such as Photoshop, the Camera Raw plug-in, and Lightroom. A lens profile describes the types of optical aberrations that exist in a particular lens and prescribes how to correct the lens distortions in an image captured from the same lens. For more information, read the user guide (PDF, 1.64 MB). Download: Mac, Win


As of 1/1/2018, the Adobe Lens Profile Downloader is no longer developed and is unavailable for download. Adobe's development team adds new lens profiles every release. You can also request for specific lenses here.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software is essential for today's digital photography workflow. Now you can quickly import, process, manage, and showcase your images — from one shot to an entire shoot. World-class correction tools, powerful organizing features, and flexible printing options help speed you along. With Lightroom, you spend less time in front of the computer and more time behind the lens.

Edit, manage, and showcase your images in Lightroom and roundtrip back to Photoshop for pixel-level editing and compositing. Together, Lightroom and Photoshop offer the most complete digital photography solution.

The Adobe DNG Converter, a free utility that converts files from more than 600 cameras to DNG, enables you to easily convert camera-specific raw files to a more universal DNG raw file.

Digital Negative (DNG) Specification patent license

Adobe is the publisher of the Digital Negative (DNG) Specification describing an image file format for storing camera raw information used in a wide range of hardware and software. Adobe provides the DNG Specification to the public for the purpose of encouraging implementation of this file format in a compliant manner. This document is a patent license granted by Adobe to individuals and organizations that desire to develop, market, and/or distribute hardware and software that reads and/or writes image files compliant with the DNG Specification.

Grant of rights

Subject to the terms below and solely to permit the reading and writing of image files that comply with the DNG Specification, Adobe hereby grants all individuals and organizations the worldwide, royalty-free, nontransferable, nonexclusive right under all Essential Claims to make, have made, use, sell, import, and distribute Compliant Implementations.

Adobe Camera Raw 10.3 Plugin

“Compliant Implementation” means a portion of a software or hardware product that reads or writes computer files compliant with the DNG Specification.

“DNG Specification” means any version of the Adobe DNG Specification made publicly available by Adobe (for example, version dated September 2004).

Adobe Camera Raw 10.3 Update


“Essential Claim” means a claim of a patent, whenever and wherever issued, that Adobe has the right to license without payment of royalty or other fee that is unavoidably infringed by implementation of the DNG Specification. A claim is unavoidably infringed by the DNG Specification only when it is not possible to avoid infringing when conforming with such specification because there is no technically possible noninfringing alternative for achieving such conformity. Essential Claim does not include a claim that is infringed by implementation of (a) enabling technology that may be necessary to make or use any product or portion thereof that complies with the DNG Specification but is not itself expressly set forth in the DNG Specification (for example, compiler technology and basic operating system technology), (b) technology developed elsewhere and merely incorporated by reference in the DNG Specification, or (c) the implementation of file formats other than DNG.


Adobe may revoke the rights granted above to any individual or organizational licensee in the event that such licensee or its affiliates brings any patent action against Adobe or its affiliates related to the reading or writing of files that comply with the DNG Specification.

Any Compliant Implementation distributed under this license must include the following notice displayed in a prominent manner within its source code and documentation: 'This product includes DNG technology under license by Adobe.”

No warranty

The rights granted herein are provided on an as-is basis without warranty of any kind, including warranty of title or noninfringement. Nothing in this license shall be construed as (a) requiring the maintenance of any patent, (b) a warranty or representation as to the validity or scope of any patent, (c) a warranty or representation that any product or service will be free from infringement of any patent, (d) an agreement to bring or prosecute actions against any infringers of any patent, or (e) conferring any right or license under any patent claim other than Essential Claims.

Reservation of rights

All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

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