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  1. Driver License's Format Recommended by (AAMVA), time and attendance, labor tracking, data terminals, plastic card printers, barcode scanners, magstripe readers writers, embossers tippers, thermal label printers, media labels ribbons accessories.
  2. @ravi, which library you used to scan driving license? Right now i'm using zxing lib for scanning pdf417 barcode, but i think driving license barcode is in encoded format so that its not working via zxing lib. – Rajan Jun 12 '15 at 7:55.

USDLScanResult.kStandardVersionNumber Mandatory on all driver's licenses. AAMVA Version Number This is a decimal value between 00 and 99 that specifies the version level of the PDF417 bar code format.

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This tutorial shows how to create a C# Windows Console application that utilizes writing PDF417 AAMVA standard barcodes using the LEADTOOLS SDK.

SummaryThis tutorial covers how to use LEADTOOLS AAMVA Builder SDK technology in a C# Windows Console application.
Completion Time30 minutes
Visual Studio ProjectDownload tutorial project (3 KB)
PlatformWindows Console C# Application
IDEVisual Studio 2017, 2019
Development LicenseDownload LEADTOOLS
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  • C#: .NET Framework (Console)
  • Java: Java

Required Knowledge

Get familiar with the basic steps of creating a project by reviewing the Add References and Set a License tutorial, before working on the Write AAMVA Driver's License Barcode - Console C# tutorial.

Create the Project and Add LEADTOOLS References

In Visual Studio, create a new C# Windows Console project, and add the following necessary LEADTOOLS references.

If using NuGet references, this tutorial requires the following NuGet package:

  • Leadtools.Barcode

If local DLL references are used, the following DLLs are needed. The DLLs are located at <INSTALL_DIR>LEADTOOLS21BinDotnet4x64:

  • Leadtools.dll
  • Leadtools.Barcode.dll
  • Leadtools.Barcode.PdfWrite.dll
  • Leadtools.Codecs.dll
  • Leadtools.Codecs.Cmp.dll


How to properly add LEADTOOLS NuGet and local references is covered in the Add References and Set a License tutorial.

For a complete list of which Codec DLLs are required for specific formats, refer to File Format Support.

Create the AAMVAID Class

Ensure that all of the necessary set license and loading code are added into the Window Console C# application as covered in the Add References and Set a License and the Load and Save Images tutorials. Loading the image is not necessary in this tutorial as it will be generated as a new blank RasterImage to write the barcode on, so comment out the according code.

Aamva Driver's License Standards

With the project created, the references added, and the license set, coding can begin.

In Solution Explorer, open Program.cs. Add statements to the using block at the top of Program.cs to become like the following:

Add a method named SetAAMVAIDInformation() in the Program class and call the method inside the Main method below the line of code above. Add the below code inside the SetAAMVAIDInformation() method:

Add the AAMVA PDF417 Write Barcode Code

Once the above code has been added, create a new method WriteAAMVABarcode(RasterImage image, AAMVAID driversLicenseID). Add the below code inside the WriteAAMVABarcode(RasterImage image, AAMVAID driversLicenseID) method to write the barcode to a RasterImage.

Add the SaveImage method to save the resultant image to disk:

Once the three methods are added, call them from the Main method using the following code:

Run the Project


Run the project by pressing F5, or by selecting Debug->Start Debugging.

If the steps were followed correctly, the application runs and a PDF417 barcode will be written on the blank RasterImage containing the specified AAMVA data and will be saved to a file. The output result should look like:


This tutorial showed how to use the BarcodeWriter, AAMVAID and AAMVAIDBuilder classes.

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Aamva Driver License Format

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