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Recently, many iOS users complained that there is an annoying unknown error 3503 in iTunes, which stop them from restoring and updating. In fact, Apple isn’t made a full explanation of iTunes error code 3503 yet.

Why Do I Need to Bind Apple ID Using 3uTools? ITunes Flash is Available on 3uTools Now! How to register an Apple ID? What's Anti-Recovery Flash on 3uTools? Downgrade iPhone 4s / iPad 2 to iOS 6.1.3 Using 3uTools How to Downgrade iPhone 4 from iOS7 to iOS6.1.3 without SHSH Blobs Using 3uTools? 14:53:32 Flash and jailbreak of apple device, please visit official website of 3uTools 14:53:32 Elapsed Time: 00:00:57 Unable To Request Shsh 3utools Anyone have any ideas? I have been reading things like 'Replace the NAND', but I don't know if that is the problem before I open it up.


On 3uTools, the error is “Unable to request SHSH”. And on iTunes, it is an unknown error (3503). After we tested and researched, our developer team find out that this issue may be caused by Apple server. As a result, users can not restore their iDevices using iTunes or earlier versions of 3uTools.

3u Team try our best to solve this issue as soon as possible. And finally, we released a new version of 3uTools, V2.16 to fix this.

#Update log of V2.16 3uTools

  • Fix the error unable to request SHSH while restoring.

  • Support flashing iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

  • Fix a bug that iPhone 6s and 6s Plus fail to downgrade back to iOS 10.3.3 from iOS 11.


1. Please click “Check Update” at the right bottom of 3uTools, and then update to the latest version of 3uTools, V2.16.

2. Then you can restore on 3uTools. Please check the network connection and USB connection before you easy flash on 3uTools.

The reasons of the error “Unable to request SHSH”

1. It could be the network problem. Please check the network to see if it is available.

2. The iOS version you want to restore may be closed by Apple, please check.

3. If you try the above solutions but still meets the same error, then please update to latest version of 3uTools and try to restore again.

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3uTools-All truth you need to know!

3utools Shsh Problem

3uTools, Do you know what is this app? The answer is probably a ‘’No’’. Here we are with interesting information about the app called 3u-tools. This is a free app. from this article you will get a profound knowledge of the 3u review. There are plenty of amazing things that you can do from 3u-tools.

The app itself can do many things to the iOS devices running from iOS 4 to iOS 11. And also all the iOS devices between that range. On the other hand, this smart app works well with 3utools for Mac. No other app will have such features as this. And the most important thing here is we will provide you the steps to 3utools download.

More information about the 3utools

Language English

License Free

Version 2.38

OS Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows 8, Windows 2003, Windows

Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Vista

Total Downloads 1M

Developer 3utools

Latest update on March 26, 2020

Older versions 3u-Tools 2.36, 3u-Tools 2.37, 3u-Tools v1.06, 3u v2.16, 3u v2.17

User rating 8/10 (9055 votes)

Multiple functionalities of 3uTools

This amazing app does not only do one thing. It helps you to take care of your ringtones, videos, photos, music, apps, and some other multimedia files. At the same time, you can see the multiple statuses in iOS devices such as battery statuses, iCloud lock, activation, and jailbreak. Other apps can also be used for this. Moreover, there are unlimited options like ringtones and wallpapers. Anyhow all these facilities for you are given for free.

How to download the 3uTools?

This amazing 3utools is an all in one app for all the iPod, iPad, and iPhone users. It is free and safe to use. So once you download the 3u you will be benefited with so many things like free wallpapers and ringtones, download apps, manage the icon’s device, iOS update notification, delete invalid icon, open SHSH, transfer data, compress photo convert audio and video, make a ringtone, jailbreak device, upgrade and downgrade the iDevice. Now let us get to the point. Every step must be followed well.

If you miss out on any step you will fall into trouble. So follow the steps properly. Step number 1 is, open the device and launch to the visit3utools. The web is www.3u.com. Then click on the Download. You will get a reminder saying ‘’ do you want to run this file?’’ therefore click on the ‘’Run’’. Now tap on the Install button and wait until it gets finished. When the app is installed, tap on the Launch button. Now connect the iDevice by following the reminder by the USB cable. So now you can make use of this app freely.

How to operate 3uTools?

3utools Import Shsh

First, let us get to know how to import any kind of video from the PC to the iDevices using 3u. So to begin with you have to install 3Utools for your PC. After that connect to the iPhone and PC with the help of the USB cable.

After that tap on the videos which are on the left side. And there the app will display a reminder saying that ‘’MoliPlay is not installed’’. At that moment you have to select and install a video player. Then tap the install button to download it. Wait for a few moments to complete the process. You will have to install the ace player on your iPhone.

How to operate the videos from the 3uTools?

So, once those minor tasks are finished, tap on the ‘’import’’ to get the videos from the PC to the relevant iPhone. When all the videos are selected, tap on the Open button at the right corner. Then automatically the app will install the videos to the iPhone. Until the process is over. Once they are being imported, you will again get a reminder saying ‘’ 5 other files need to imported’’. So once that message comes you have to open the Ace Play and click the Media Explorer, then after clicking the media Explorer. Eventually, you can watch all the videos.

Query Shsh 3utools

So this is the way how to use 3uTools in your device. And there is something also to remember. You should know how to export the videos from the iDevices to your PC. There you have to export the videos from the iPhone and send it to the PC. After that click the Export. And you also have the right to delete the videos from this app. It is an easy process, you just have to select the delete and tap on the delete button.

How can you download various apps from 3uTools

3utools Shsh

As mentioned above you have to install the latest version of 3utools and connect your phone to the PC with a USB cable. So before downloading the apps, you have to bind the Apple ID to the app. Then click on the apps and a whole lot of apps will be displayed. So you only have to click the install for the apps you need to download. Then it will download. If the apps you want are not displayed on the screen, you still can search the apps on the search bar. When the relevant apps are being downloaded, it will instantly install in your iPhone.

How to import your favorite music from the 3uTools?

Connect your device to the PC with the USB cable, tap on the Music and again tap the import. Then you will be directed to select the music, wait a few moments until the process finishes and now you can enjoy it.

So we hope that you got a clear idea about the app. Anyhow when new versions of 3 develop, there will be new features that will have lots of advantages. However, the developers of 3utools will update their apps often. You can even contact the developers of 3u if any issue occurs. So, I hope you can experience these benefits by installing the app.